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Journey of Vani Kabir – India’s Modern Sufi


In the digital era, creativity has become a local outlet for most people. And let’s not talk about self-proclaimed artists who consider themselves to be trendsetters in the social media segment. However, there are individuals who are beyond these illusions and truly make their mark with piece of art.


Vani Kabir’s quotes have been popular in social media


Vani Kabir, The Modern Sufi of India is one such example. As every Women’s Day reminds us of vibrant personalities who sparkle on their own, Vani Kabir’s name reverberates with elegance and creativity.

Vani Kabir has also been a favourite writer among the youth. She is also a TEDx speaker, an upcoming author and a single mother of a 10 year old. Importantly, thousands of followers look up to her on social media. Kabir states, “Motivation is like brushing your teeth. You need it regularly, no matter at what situation you are in. If you’re a beginner, you need it, and also, if you’re a boss you need it more. You don’t do it occasionally, you make it a habit.”


Vani Kabir’s writings have been inspirational for many


Kabir’s journey in the world of advertising is also a golden chapter. Currently, she is a Senior Creative Director at a leading advertising agency in Delhi. She has most of the international advertising awards in her kitty. Also, Vani Kabir has been ranked as top ten copywriters in India by Lurzer’s Archive. She also completed her first fiction novel which is yet to be published. She is also doing her continuing studies with Stanford University, USA. This apart, she has undergone the NaNoWrimo writing course, wherein one has to finish writing a novel of at least 50,000 words in a month.

A true achiever in all aspects, Kabir has her words of wisdom for the younger generation. Being a multi-tasker, she candidly confessed, “Performances are never consistent. They vary each day based on circumstances, emotional wellness, zeal to perform and a lot of such factors. However, when we look in retrospect, we see all the bigger challenges that one has overcome. And to overcome those occasionally, one fights and also fails at the smaller ones. Hence, performances are not consistent, efforts are. Efforts lead into series of performances”.



No doubt, Kabir is a role model in all her avatars. And her mantra is simple. She signs out saying, “I always say this to people, whatever you like to do ‘be at it’. Don’t just give up because someone doesn’t like you doing what you are doing, or your boss doesn’t praise you, or you have less money, or you are bored of doing what you were doing all these years, or your girlfriend/ boyfriend sees you any other way. It is important to stick to what you like because that is the only way to be skilled at what you do. That’s the only way which will, with time, reduce your competition. Being at it will make way for you to reach your goals”.


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