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Jumbleboo – The Magic Wand for the Working Mom


Think about how traumatic it is for a mother to get back late at night only to find out that her kid had been crying all day. No doubt, it is indeed unfair for a woman having to stop working post marriage just to run errands, and look after her husband and kids.

Nevertheless, here’s an incredible venture launched by Ananya Mukherjee, Jumbleboo, which has been a blessing in this regard. It has turned wives to super wives and moms to supermoms by letting them work at office, as well as take care of their household.


Ananya Mukherjee with her kid


Ms. Mukherjee started working in this segment out of curiosity, but with every passing day, she realised how essential it is for educated women to work even after marriage, along with having kids. This start-up has been designed in a manner such that modern-day moms can sit back and work at home, and also take care of household chores. Right now, Ms. Mukherjee has more than 100 employees working from home, and she hopes to make every woman independent by offering employment on the basis of their capabilities.



Ms. Mukherjee is a self-made entrepreneur, currently running her own creative business, as well as working as a full-time mommy, all from home!
Analysing her own situation, she reflected how difficult it must be for a working woman to manage workplace, along with household and family, especially when there is a tiny tot involved. But thanks to her work mode, a full-time “Work from Home”, which, she believes, is a boon for 21st-century women. Through her work, she aspires to motivate and bring forward millions of women like her, who are talented, yet unable to work owing to family responsibilities. She has already developed a platform for women-students and homemakers, to be financially independent without hindering their personal lives. Ms. Mukherjee, in fact, acknowledges, “For me, Jumbleboo is not only about helping working women, but also ensuring that their babies do not miss the mothers while they are at work.”


Recognition for Jumbleboo


In the year 2017, Department of Science and Technology, the Government of India and IIM Calcutta launched a start-up competition for the best start-up ideas, among which Ms. Mukherjee’s start-up idea clinched a position among the top 3,000.


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