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Kapeel Barsaiyan – On a Mission to Empower Women


Even in present times, gender equality is a more academic term than a realistic phrase. However, writer, director and producer Kapeel Barsaiyan is one such inspiration who has been working hard to bridge the gender gap.


Kapeel Barsaiyan


Barsaiyan has been actively working toward creating a better world for women. He successfully runs his production house and has churned out many ad films for renowned Indian and International brands.

Empowering a woman has a long-term impact on the society. Barsaiyan conceives innovative ways to empower women. Having travelled to various parts of the world, from the remotest of villages to the most developed nations, he realized that women are still subjected to a lot of emotional and physical torture. He notes, “An independent self-sufficient woman is the most confident. Here lies the importance of empowerment”.


Hon’ble Union Minister Kiran Rijiju with the families of URI martyrs


He has started curating events focused on various issues related to women, in order to create awareness and spread his message across to a wider audience.  “To bring in a change, it’s important to address the issue in the right perspective and also involve the right kind of people who could help and make it happen”, says Barsaiyan.


The superstars with the empowered women


Over the years, his company Basic Communications has curated powerful events inviting major stakeholders like government officials, industrialists, and engaged NGOs, among others, raising concerns on issues involving women equality, empowerment and safety.  From empowering the mothers & wives of URI martyrs, to felicitating empowered women, from raising funds for underprivileged women to facilitating education of girl child, he has been involved in a lot of many issues through his events as well as his NGO Buddh Jyoti Foundation.


Felicitating empowered women


Currently, Barsaiyan is also working on a movie related to the emotional empowerment of women.  This is a very crucial aspect and needs to be addressed to empower women.  “To empower a woman, especially the one who is the victim of a man’s cruelty, people need to support her mentally, emotionally and psychologically, instead of making her feel helpless. Through my film, I’m trying to address this issue, hoping to bring a positive change in the mindset of people”, adds Kapeel.

Team Optimist wishes Kapeel luck for his future endeavours.




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