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Keeping pace with the changing world

Amit Malik, MD, CISCO, discusses how digital explosion has happened as a survival strategy against Covid across the world with too many adjustments happening in the job scenario and cyberspace, spearheading a new normal 

Amit Malik, MD, CISCO

Job scenario in post-Covid market: 

The rapid spread of Covid-19, following its unprecedented aftermath, has impacted and brought a considerable change in India’s job scenario. The ‘new normal’ implemented to combat the virus has been a major job generator in distinct fields. Amit Malik, CISCO Managing Director, highlights the positive changes and says working online remotely has been fruitful for many employees and has greatly enabled people to stay with their loved ones in these trying times besides keeping their professional roles intact. Especially women have been benefitted markedly with the changing work culture or ‘work from home’ concept as they have been able to either initiate or continue with their ambitions. 

Digital transformation has pushed companies towards betterment and brought about a certain synthesis. 

The new normal & the growth of Webex: 

The pandemic has affected the world market and job scenario consequently since the beginning of this year but people have learnt to cope with it and fight consistently. Office room meetings have been replaced by online sessions with safety and security gaining utmost importance. In all this, online meeting platforms, including Webex, have had a prominent engagement throughout. Malik rightly points out how during Unlock 1, in June, there was a 25 percent gain to the total users of Webex in India and 25 billion minutes of meetings were recorded worldwide. Hence, he believes the ‘new normal’ has been the torch-bearer of technological development. 

Business development in post-Covid: 

Digitalisation has been an ongoing process in India and worldwide for a few years now but it was during and after the expeditious spread of the novel Coronavirus and the need of quarantining oneself, that people have realised how it is the key to the future and Malik’s esteemed firm has been afoot with the synthesis. He says how current times incite businesses to be more “agile” and “resilient”. Automated platform-based infrastructure has been the path to a convalescent world. CISCO had started the practice of remote healthcare prior to this pandemic and now it manifests its importance, specifically in rural areas, where the government is working relentlessly to provide better facilities besides catering to the needs of everyone in a cost-effective manner. Malik adds: “Automation is the key in these times to dispense efficiently with least capital and operation cost.” Education, healthcare and better connectivity is what Malik believes in as today’s succour. 

Cybersecurity & maintenance of consumer safety: 

In the post-Covid world where companies share thoughts and arrange meetings digitally, cybersecurity has taken the centre stage and it has been the fabrication of CISCO with a consistent team to look after this since the very start. In these trying times, CIO and CEOs have worked relentlessly with organisations to anticipate prime security to their company’s data and strategies. When catechized about his experience and recollection of the company’s growth, Malik opines “change is the only constant”. At CISCO, every effort is made to keep pace with the changing world and with the motto of respecting and accepting everyone in an all-inclusive environment. In such strides, CISCO is setting an example towards a harmonious future. 

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