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Keventer Agro launches 9th bulk milk collection facility in West Bengal

·         Own milk procurement capacity touches 150,000 litres per day (lpd)

·         Plans to open more Bulk Milk Collection centres in the state to enhance current production from 250,000 lpd to 400,000 lpd

·         Impacting livelihoods of more than 18,000 dairy farmers in West Bengal

Keventer Agro, one of the fastest growing Food & Beverage companies in Eastern India with a strong focus on dairy business announced the launch of its 9th Bulk Milk Collection centre (BMC) in the state.

Keventer Agro, which operates two dairy brands – Metro Dairy and Keventer Milk, has reached own milk procurement capacity of 150,000 litres per day (lpd) with the addition of a new Bulk Milk Collection centre in Vidyasagar Industrial Park, Kharagpur. The 1,500 sq. ft. facility which is expected to add 20,000 litres to its daily procurement capacity required an investment of Rs. 80 Lakhs, taking its overall investment to more than Rs. 6 crores in setting up these 9 BMCs across the state.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Mayank Jalan, Chairman & Managing Director, Keventer Agro Ltd. said “Covid-19 has brought enormous changes in our lifestyle where nutritional values of food has become a major deciding factor. Due to its wholesome attributes, we have witnessed an increase in household consumption of dairy products and believe that the trend will continue even when normalcy resumes. In such a scenario, having network of collection centres is an important step towards creating an eco-system where the company can play a significant part in the state’s dairy space and be ready to meet the consumer demand”

Mr. Mayank Jalan, Chairman & Managing Director, Keventer Agro Ltd.

With the launch of its 9th bulk milk collection facility in Kharagpur, Keventer Agro now has milk collection centres across 5 districts (Burdwan, Hooghly, Midnapur, North 24 Parganas and Nadia) and works with 18 thousand farmers on a daily basis. Having a strong dairy product portfolio with Pouch milk, UHT Milk, Flavoured Milk, Lassi, Yogurt and Ice Cream, Keventer Agro currently processes over 250,000 litres of pasteurized milk daily. Keventer Agro is scheduled to launch more BMCs in West Bengal over next few months with an aim to reach their overall production capacity of 400,000 litres per day.

Commenting on the aspect of improving livelihoods of dairy farmers, Mr. Jalan further said “Throughout the 25 years that we have been in the industry, wehave always believed in providing our customers quality food products that enrich lives every day. This has been possible because we have always tried to uplift and empower the farming community. These collection centres give us an opportunity to connect with and mentor the farmers to adopt modern farming techniques, thus ensuring better productivity. Keventer Agro has always believed in rewarding the farmers with the best price and our continuous effort has resulted in a strong 18 thousand farmer network across the state. We are hopeful of building this network further with the addition of Kharagpur Bulk Milk Collection facility.”

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