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Khaki Vibes: Anti-drug Song by Meghalaya Police Leaves Netizens in Splits

Shillong’s epithet of ‘cradle of rock music’ is a time honoured reality. The capital of Meghalaya has always been the rock capital of India hosting international concerts and is known as the melting pot of musicians and music lovers of all ages, orientations and genres.

The spirit of music is perpetually high in Meghalaya. On ‘International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking’, when the police authorities across the country, come up with creative ways to spread awareness about drug abuse, music lover Khaki Men, a band of musicians from Meghalaya Police, launched a musical awareness campaign. The campaign was well received and the anti-drug song ‘The Khaki Vibes’ got roaring applauds from the people of Meghalaya while become an instant online hit. The peppy number with catchy lines like “Imagine all the people, enjoying a natural high”, encourages people to live a safe, healthy and drug-free life.

Speaking on the occasion, Superintendent of Police Sylvester Nongtnger says, “This year honourable DGP of Meghalaya decided to launch a drug awareness campaign through songs. We at Khaki Vibes of Meghalaya Police performed a song called ‘Imaginate’ as part of our awareness campaign. The lovely tune and meaningful lyrics of the song immediately received far reaching effect among the youths of Meghalaya and also created a stir on the net.”

Superintendent of Police Sylvester Nongtnger

The music video, which shows cops performing a recreated version of ‘Imagine’, was shared by Meghalaya Police on Facebook. The department has given an interesting twist to the lyrics of the popular song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. Ever since the release of the video the internet is abuzz with the kindle-music of the men in uniform. The Khaki Vibes indeed created an instant vibe and a delightful ripple effect.  The SP, Sylvester Nongtnger, himself a part of the music video, was seen playing the brass guitar while city SP, Vivek Syiem, was on keyboard. 

The main aim of the initiative is to spread awareness about drug addiction and it’s ill effects

Shillong is a city where music runs in the blood of the residents. Be it men in Khaki or an administrator – the music mania here is contagious. In fact, a deep sense of music is a natural endowment to the people living in Shillong. Home to multiple musical expressions whose influences range wide and far, Shillong now witnesses a boom in production of original music. The local musicians here are challenging the norms and asking some really tough questions through the lyrics. If you’re a music lover searching for your next favourites, be Shillong bound!

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