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Kolkata Police tightens vigilance to bring delinquent citizens to book

Prevention is always better than cure. This becomes all the more imperative today, as we continue to co-live with the dangerous Coronavirus. Doctors all over the world are advocating wearing masks as it helps us to keep the infection at bay. According to Stanford research, simple cloth masks are effective in slowing the spread of infection.

Commissioner of Police , Anuj Sharma IPS along with his team talking on the importance of masks

In April, the US Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention clearly stated that cloth masks are important for the general public especially in areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain. They have said that elderly people as well as the general public should wear masks, while children below two years are advised not to wear masks for safety reasons. Several health guidelines have also been issued by WHO regarding the safety of wearing masks.

The two Tableaux which will be going around the city emphasizing on the importance of masks for everyone

COVID19 is a virus which is said to be genetically changing as time passes. It is presumed that, if an infected person sneezes or coughs then he /she has a higher risk of transmitting the disease. This is why six feet distance is being prescribed to prevent the spread of infection.

Health experts suggest that surgical masks are not mandatory and any mask covering the face and nose and having at least 2 or 3 layers, works well in preventing the contraction. Across the world, it is now a general consensus that wearing masks is extremely important as by covering the nose and mouth it thwarts the entry of the virus from infected individuals. Even if we come in close quarters with someone carrying the infection in public spaces or in crowded areas, a mask can protect us by blocking particles from entering the body. In important public announcements, governments all over the world have repeatedly said that not just doctors, but health care and other frontline workers, and all the general public must wear masks while venturing outside.

The #MaskUp Kolkata initiative which stresses on the fact that every person should wear the masks while venturing outside

Against this backdrop, Kolkata is reportedly cutting a sorry image for itself. Sadly, even after several attempts by Kolkata Police in making people realize the importance of wearing masks especially while traveling, people were seen to be grossly delinquent. Throwing caution to the wind, Kolkatans are found to be ambling around, unmasked.

To bring home the point more forcefully, Kolkata Police (KP) has now started an initiative called #MaskUpKolkata to once again highlight the importance of wearing masks. As a part of the initiative the KP team members have arranged two tableaus which will strictly monitor the situation in different parts of the city 24*7.

The Kolkata Police team wearing the masks

A senior police officer from Kolkata Police elaborated on the importance of the initiative. According to him, people in the city of joy are taking the warnings very casually and are not realizing the severity of the situation. This negligence, while leading them into danger, is also creating additional pressure on the administration.

The data that reveals the number of people prosected for not wearing masks and disobeying the laws

It is a collective responsibility of all citizens of Kolkata to brave the virus challenge responsibly in order to reduce the spread of the infection. It is important to understand that the battle to flatten the curve is still on. The Kolkata Police are already doing their bit, and we as citizens should do ours to make our city virus-free at the earliest. As responsible individuals it is our duty to be aware of the rules and follow them to not only save us but also others from the deadly pandemic.

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