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Kolkata’s young entrepreneur floats Gintaa, India’s first fully patented social e-commerce


The Covid-19 pandemic has been a boon for the Indian e-commerce sector. With more consumers moving online post-pandemic, the e-commerce industry in India has witnessed a rapid acceleration in growth. So much so that by 2024, the Indian e-commerce space is expected to grow by 84 per cent to $111 billion. The tremendous boost in the e-commerce market has attracted many entrepreneurs to set up businesses online. Young Soham Jaiswal knows his new start-up — Gintaa — has all the necessary ingredients to change the dynamics of the e-commerce business. A brand of Ascon Softech India Pvt Ltd, Gintaa, which has its headquarter in Kolkata, is aimed at cashing in on the growing e-commerce business in India with a steady growth of 50-60% over the years.

Based on “give and take” policy, Gintaa with Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Consumer to Business (C2B), Consumer to Consumer (C2C) selling, buying, auction, and exchange will cover almost every conceivable aspect of e-commerce and beyond.

Available on IoS, Android and Google Playstore, Gintaa is an easy-to-use platform wherein creating and posting one’s listed offerings to anyone is simple. It fetches the best matches, courtesy the unique and advanced algorithm, finds exciting offers from other users and then makes you an offer. Finally, it communicates directly with the other user, accepts and closes transaction successfully.

Director and CEO Soham informs his company stands on the philosophy of join, act and grow. “Gintaa offers an in-built mechanism. It has a unique rating system for its sellers, service providers, buyers as well as end-users, thereby negating any possibility of fraudulent usage of the platform,” says Soham.

He further says Gintaa is backed by a retinue of features such as a logistics partner in India Post thereby ensuring reach to the farthest corners of the land. He also guarantees insured deliveries, constant system upgradation to minimise possibilities of technical glitches, and a dedicated team providing a complete 24×7 analysis thus giving it a platinum edge.

Elaborating more on the e-commerce platform, Chairman and Managing Director of Ascon Softech India Laxman Jaiswal says: “The unique part of Gintaa are features like Gintaa Auction, a space for collectors and antiquarians to get maximum value for their valuable product through bidding.” He then mentions Gintaa Junction, which will help buyers and sellers to fix a meeting point where it will be convenient for both parties to discuss the products and maximise safety. Gintaa Exchange helps connect with someone who wants exactly what one is ready to give, and has exactly what one wants in return and Gintaa Commission will help solve people’s problems and contributes towards growth. “We know that too many passwords can also make one feel dizzy. With Gintaa Authentication, we are redefining the concept of password with OTP (One-Time-Password). We also charge zero commission on all transactions. In fact, Gintaa Barter will bring back the traditional system where people can exchange products or services with products and services, not in any order. Also, Gintaa Ads will provide the best reach for one’s product or service given their advertisement spends,” concludes Laxman.

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