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Living the life of an Entrepreneur


Every Women’s Day is a reminder of the struggles of each women in our society who are constantly fighting old and obsolete chauvinistic practices. My journey, till date, has been eventful and fulfilling as well. Presently, I am the founder of Presolv360, a tech based platform that categorically resolves legal disputes without recourse to courts.


Namita Shah and her team – Presolv30


As a Chartered Accountant, CPA (USA) and lawyer, I worked in the diamond and jewellery industry, where I experienced top companies crumble to bankruptcy, only due to disputes turning demonic, ruining businesses and families likewise. I realized that it could be prevented if there was a proper dispute management mechanism. And I made that my goal – to empower people with a platform that can amicably resolve disputes without recourse to courts. This led me to co-found Presolv360, a platform that blends law and technology to provide dispute prevention and resolution services, and empower people to resolve conflicts without going to courts – right from their smartphones.

In the beginning, I decided to quit my well-paid job and spent over a year studying global dispute resolution practices, undertaking surveys on-foot across courts and learning technology – without earning a single Rupee, and in fact, investing all of my savings into this vision. And after all of the research we undertook several pilot projects where we helped people resolve their disputes.


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In a particular matter, the sole breadwinner of a family passed away in a motor accident, leaving nothing but responsibility of three children, mounting debt and a torturous litigation. After half a decade of running pillar to post, dealing with erratic lawyers and barely making ends meet, the victim’s wife had another decade to go before any expectation from Indian courts. Presolv360 undertook a neutral evaluation & bilateral negotiation between the insurance co. and the lady through the platform, and within a span of 50 days, the matter concluded. With tears in her eyes, she said, “Thank you for saving me!”.  That day I knew that every single effort, sacrifice, risk – is all worth it. And I have dedicated my life to this cause fully.

Hard work, commitment and dedication are integral to success for any entrepreneur


Giving up a cozy corporate job to venture into unchartered territories (against the wishes and advice of my family, employers and well-wishers) was one of the biggest, and boldest, risks that I have taken and the thought of proving my decision right fills me with enthusiasm every morning. Even today, I reinvest over 90% of the earnings back into the business. I know I don’t have a bank balance and comforts I would have had, had I continued with my job, but I have found my purpose, and nothing is more satisfying!

I am truly grateful and humbled to have been recognized among the top 60 in the ‘Women Transforming India, 2018’ initiative of the GoI. It has been my privilege to be a part of movements such as WEE Foundation (Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment), AFI (Action For India) and Agnii.


Believe me, every day is a Women’s Day and I believe, in the coming days as well, I will be able to perform and motivate myself in nurturing my dreams and fulfil them in greater interests of the society at large.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the organisation itself.


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