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Lockdown woes for morning walkers

A walk a day keeps a doctor away! 

Running and walking have been the two most favourite rituals for maintaining health and wellness. Not just the elders, many youngsters also follow the custom religiously. But with the importance of health now in the frontlines, these rituals are becoming more of a strict disciplinary routine for most. 

Regular morning walks can increase fitness and helps to keep various illnesses at bay. Source:

Health experts claim that morning walks can not only help in staying fit but increases stamina and helps in boosting metabolic activities. A park, a long lane or waterside areas have remained morning walkers’ haven since ages. Talking to some of the regular walkers, The Optimist News tried to find some unique traits and nuances of this ritual.  The most evident of them was the fact that walkers prefer the early morning hours as the roads are empty; also most of them prefer to walk in groups than alone. 

Mallika Sengupta, has been a regular morning walker for the past six years and for her it is a great way to start the day. “I regularly walk in the morning because it keeps me physically fit and strong and active throughout the day. It removes your daily fatigue and helps you stay healthy and happy. Also morning jogging with friends is an extra dose of excitement. Previously, before the lockdown, we used to take our strolls near Ballygunge and Dhakuria Lake. After a pause of a few months, we are starting our walk routines again. The thought of meeting old faces and early morning strolls make us beam with joy” Mrs Sengupta enthused. 

Morning walks can also help one to get rid of various diseases and health issues. “I have been a patient of cholesterol and blood pressure for the last 13 years. I take medicines regularly but the best medicine till date is my regular morning walk which I have continued for the past 10-12 years. My wife and I drive to Dhakuria Lake around 5:30am where we walk till 7. There is nothing like a morning walk for us. It not only keeps our health issues at bay but gives a lot more confidence and faith in ourselves” shares 65 year old Bulan Basu, who is not venturing out currently but has plans to resume his morning walking ritual soon. 

We also found that youngsters enjoy these brisk early morning walks no less. 27 year old Bidisha Choudhury recollected how she became friends with an old couple during the morning walks with her mother – “I used to accompany my mother during morning walks and used to see many people around. I have even become friends with some of them. It gives me immense happiness to see them and I did miss the faces during the lockdown. Hopefully, I will see them soon again as we resume our early morning walks.”

Morning walks have become a new fitness regime across all age groups. Source:

Before Lockdown most of the older generations would frequently form small groups and go for morning walks. Lately due to social distancing norms they have been staying at home and taking precautions. 58 year old Apurba Bhattacharya, a resident of Topsia has been regularly walking near Safari Park for the past four years. For him morning strolls with his morning walkers groups, is equivalent to a great start to the day. “I miss my old folks and those early mornings’ chitchats and tea. Morning walk is not just for fitness or staying fit but it gives a psychological relief to many,” opined Bhattacharya. 

Elders are finding it difficult to go for morning walks during lockdown.

The older generation, either retired or are on the verge of retiring, need company and morning walks is a delightful solution for them. Like Bhattacharya, many stopped going out during lockdown and in the post lockdown period they remain sceptical about resuming their old rituals. This is taking a toll on the minds of these lonely souls. 

Reasons notwithstanding, morning walkers are happy souls who love their rituals. May they get back to their ritual soon.

So, keeping in mind Juvenal’s famous quote in Latin “mens sana in corpore sano’, stay fit and walk to have a healthy body and mind.

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