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Meerut’s ‘Pandit Ji Kitchen’ proves why disability is just a state of mind

“Disability need not be an obstacle to success”

Stephen W. Hawking

Differently-abled people are endowed with unique capabilities which make them special. Often they show indomitable strength and courage, to create unique pathways for themselves. Pandit Ji Kitchen in Meerut personifies this courage and strength. With increasing unemployment, differently-abled Amit Kumar Sharma started this food start-up, not only as a new avenue to earn his livelihood during the ongoing pandemic but also to generate jobs.

On January 1, 2021, Amit Sharma along with his two friends, Goutam Singh and Chaudhary launched Panditji Kitchen and Delivery Point. Food at this start up is prepared by the differently-abled people and is also delivered at customers’ doorstep by differently-abled delivery agents.

The indomitable zeal

The growing need for work and employment along with least support from government and administration, have made these differently-abled people start from scratch and earn their living. Instead of wallowing in self pity, they did their best to overcome the challenges that disability has brought to them, and create viable solutions. Pandit Ji Kitchen is a labour of pure love and the fact that within a week’s time it has received a good deal of orders, is a testament to the hard work done by Sharma and team. On the first day of their inauguration, they got 60-65 orders and delivered them successfully. Since then, their kitchen has been brimming with activity trying to keep pace with orders and deliveries.

Speaking about the funds, Sharma says, “We started the venture with our own savings. From building the entire kitchen to reaching out to our customers throughout the city, we did it on our own with the help of a small team of disabled people and my two friends.”

Differently abled cook and Pandit jI Kitchen owner Amit Sharma

Battling the odds

Sharing his personal journey with The Optimist News, the founder of Pandit Ji kitchen says, “After completing my graduation in Commerce, I looked for jobs. But not being able to manage a job for myself, probably due to my disability, I started training at Uttar Pradesh Divya and Sports Association, coaching students who play at district levels and regional levels.”

The full team of Pandit Ji Kitchen which runs by differently abled people

When asked about his mantra of life that helps him overcome the odds, he says, “Since, we are not blessed with permanent goals in our lives, we need to create our own goals and find our own way to reach and achieve that goal. I manage my time and balance between my engagement with the sports association and my entrepreneurial venture at the new food business.”

The strength and confidence Sharma and team have shown by starting up this new business, is an inspirational story and will motivate many like them to surmount their limitations and emerge victors in their own rights. 

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