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Meet WonderWoman Prachi Garg – Mastering all Trades


Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy task. Prachi Garg, the inspiring woman behind the, has been an institution on her own. Call her an author, entrepreneur or a motivational speaker – she has set her own benchmarks. In all her avatars, Prachi’s efforts are commendable considering the fact that she has entered forays which are not only competitive but also challenging as well.


Prachi Garg is the inspiring woman behind the


In the field of tourism, Prachi’s ghoomophiro has been amazing. It is an enterprise where the team organizes corporate tours based on the customers’ requirements, budget and provides them a plethora of options. Prachi notes, “This initiative was taken up by during my college days. Recently, ghoomophiro expanded its portfolio for solo women travellers”.


‘Supercouples’ by Author Prachi Garg revolves around couple-preneurs


Prachi has been awarded twice by the MP Tourism Board for her exemplary work in tourism. In fact, she has also conducted entrepreneurship workshops at major B-schools (FMS/IIMs/Miranda House/IMT).

Prachi Garg’s ‘Superwomen’ has been a hit among the masses


As an author too, Prachi has been quite popular. Her much talked about Superwomen talks about the journey of women entrepreneurs, with the book has been topping the non-fiction charts at various bookstores. Supercouples, another book by Prachi revolves around couple-preneurs, and their journey of balancing relationship and work. Supersiblings is the 3rd release in the Super series, and captures the essence of sibling running start-ups together.





An MBA graduate from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai and a distinguished alumna from Miranda House, Swati believes  “the content of the books should resonate with your target audience. As an author, an author needs to be mindful, what exactly he would want to convey. In my opinion, a bestseller is a complete package of great content, good marketing and hitting the right audience”.


‘Super Siblings’ captures the essence of sibling running start-ups together


Prachi has been no less than a Superwoman but her humility certainly stands out. She remarked, “I’m a firm believer that women are born entrepreneurs and are all superwomen. Not only the modern-day superwomen, in earlier days too, they (our mothers/grandmothers) were the superwomen. All of them don various hats and are amazing at multitasking. Over a period of time, they are excelling in the art of finding their choices and living their dreams”.


‘Author Prachi Garg is currently busy with The Legends of a Startup Guy’


Prachi is busy with her latest book The Legends of a Startup Guy. “This is the book in which I’ve tried my hands at fiction and I’m glad readers have given a positive response to it. Besides this, I will continue focussing on my start-up, where we organize women solo travel,” notes the determined Prachi.

Prachi Garg  has been featured as top 10 Indian women, who made big online, and women’s web saw her as an incredible women entrepreneur.


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