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Meghalaya health minister leading from the front for a cause and COVID

The Corona crisis has not only changed millions of lives across the world but it has also plopped the entire human civilisation in front of a massive psychological challenge. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), a lion share of the global population is combating depression, phobia, and different other mental health issues.   

The government is not only fighting the soaring COVID cases across the country, but they have a new enemy to fight. The entire government machinery is battling misconceptions, Fake News, and massive stigma. The current COVID-19 outbreak has challenged human health as well as human psychology to the core.

Coronavirus has become a pandemic and Covid positive patients are facing social stigma. this is hampering minds and creating a tremendous psychological pressure on citizens in general.

In this trying times, few people made a mark with their gesture and one such person is Meghalaya’s State Health Minister Alexander Laloo Hek who is walking an extra mile not only to fight the disease but also the stigma attached to it. 

Crusader for a reason:

The Meghalaya Health Minister A.L. Hek has started a special drive to sensitize the citizens of Shillong about the COVID disease and dispel all taboos and apprehensions. Hek said, “Various rumours are being spread on different social media platforms on social media about the people of the locality and the virus creating a sense of panic among citizens of the state”.

Blaming and shaming COVID positive people is a regular phenomenon nowadays. The minister is constantly trying to educate people about the disease and the entire government of Meghalaya is trying hard to bridge the knowledge gap on COVID and avoid any untoward incident.  

“In no way, people should face this social stigma as The government is adopting necessary measures. Everyday awareness drives are conducted douse the fire of fear and superstition. We are reaching out to the localities, spreading awareness, informing people through media, social media, and other means. We also told community leaders,Rangbah Shnong (village head/ locality head) that there should not be any stigma with COVID”, explained the health minister of Meghalaya.

Health and Family Welfare Minister, Alexander Laloo Hek swung into action when several reports poured in about different incidents where kin of the COVID- infected patients were treated badly. 

Visiting the residence of one of the affected family members he said, It is not right to stigmatize or discriminate against people just because they are infected by the virus. We need to understand that anyone can be infected by the virus.”

Fighting Fake News

Everyday a salvo of Fake News is pumped in on social media platforms. Meghalaya Govt has created a robust machinery fight this malice.  

The veteran politician of the state highlighted the fact that various rumours are being spread on social media and government is using all its resources to combat them.

Meghalaya Health and Family Welfare Minister, Alexander Laloo Hek

Minister’s monologue:

The health minister and team are working 24×7 to ensure the safety of all the citizens and especially those who are the hapless victims of COVID. 

“Yes, I am visiting even containment area also with full protection to ensure the safety of my citizens and trying hard to aware the people to win this war on COVID” assured Hek. 

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