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Meghalaya to celebrate ‘Meghalayan Age Festival’ this March

To promote tourismMeghalaya is all set to hold “Meghalayan Age Festival” in the second week of March.  Chief Minister Conrad Sangma announced that the State will host an iconic tourism event at the picturesque Thadlaskein Lake that aims to brand Meghalaya of its ultimate high-end tourism potential.

The Chief Minister said that the “Meghalayan Age Festival” which will be held in the second week of March tentatively from 6th or 7th for a period of nine days will promote high-end tourism.

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma in deep discussion with some other officials

 “We are living in the Meghalayan Era and the world needs to be informed about this. Through this festival, we will brand Meghalaya and invite visitors to experience the State in a different style. We are putting different activities, music and cultural events to make this event a memorable one,” the Chief Minister said.

The highlights of this event will be hot air balloons, caving and glamping.

Glamping is being held for the first time in Meghalaya, where 50 5 star luxury tents will be put up for visitors, who can enjoy 5 star facilities in the tent and enjoy the festival, which will be spread over a period of nine days. “We want to promote Meghalaya in a very big way and the Meghalayan Age Festival is just the beginning of our ambitious tourism plan,” the Chief Minister added.

A representation of a painting

He also said that during the festival, the government will showcase achievers from the State chosen from different fields — farming, education, health care, sportsmen, businessmen and develop stories around them and link their stories with Meghalaya.

The Chief Minister later visited the site for the Lawmusiang Market and Meghalaya Age Festival along with officials.

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