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Merc-India introduces ‘Wishbox’, a unique solution for buyers

If you have been thinking of buying your dream car for some time, but were hesitant because of the price tag, you now have the chance to own your own Merc!

India’s largest luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, recently introduced a host of innovative mobility solutions for aspiring customers, called ‘Wishbox’.

With a mix of unique and novel offerings, Mercedes-Benz, India, has introduced never-seen-before mobility solutions that aim at encouraging and financially empowering customers to pursue the purchase their dream Mercedes-Benz. These tailor-made initiatives are likely to invoke customer confidence and create additional customer traction in the market.

Wishbox combines innovative and customized mobility solutions with five primary features: Key-to-Key Change, 25-25-25-25, Zero Down Payment, Star Agility+ and Comprehensive insurance.

Martin Schwenk, MD and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India Ltd, said, “At Mercedes-Benz, we understand the pulse of Indian customers and it remains our relentless endeavour to introduce customized mobility solutions that excite them. We’re introducing some industry first mobility solutions with the aim of bringing back the much-needed customer confidence by offering them financial flexibility related to their car purchase. With our innovative and smart mobility solutions, we address the current market challenges and support our customers with their purchase decision. We’re confident that these mobility solutions will find value among customers and support a positive market development.

“We’re also steadily pressing ahead with our BS VI transition of the entire portfolio. Till date, we’re already at a 60%-plus transition level and, by September 2019, we’ll be at the 80% level. We’re confident of completing our entire portfolio to BS VI ahead of the mandated timeline of April 2020,” Schwenk added.

Key benefits of ‘Wishbox’ mobility solutions

         ‘Key to Key change’: This is a unique offering which allows customers to own two Mercedes-Benz cars in a span of 4 years. Applicable on GLE and GLS SUVs, this offer allows two upgrades at no extra cost and the customer always gets to own the latest product offering

         ‘25-25-25-25’: This scheme allows a customer to own a Mercedes-Benz car without having to worry about the down payment and the immediate commencement of EMIs. The customer makes a down payment of 25% of the value of the car and then pays three annual payments of 25% each

         Zero Down Payment: This is aimed at benefiting customers by addressing the challenge of a high entry barrier by significantly reducing down payment, as a regular down payment goes up to 40%, including margin, tax and insurance. The customer here pays only the road tax and enjoys EMI at a low interest rate for 60 months

         Star Agility+: Mercedes-Benz is also introducing the ‘Star Agility+’ programme for aspiring customers, providing with up to 40% lower EMI costs, which are inclusive of maintenance, warranty and assured buyback. For instance, customers opting for a C-Class with a 3-year loan tenure, the standard loan EMI is Rs 1,35,000 (without maintenance). Under the new ‘Star Agility+’ programme, the EMI will be only Rs 82,000, including maintenance, allowing customers to save Rs 53,000 each month*

         Comprehensive Insurance: Additionally, customers will be offered complimentary two-year insurance programme, which provides the benefit of minimal cost, leading to low equity requirement from customers and higher perceived value

Synonymous with best-in-class

Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with providing the best-in-class products and services to its customers. With the highest rankings in JD Power Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) in the country for the luxury car segment, the company strives to provide customer-centric initiatives aimed at reducing the hassles of purchasing and owning a Mercedes-Benz car.

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