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Mimi Chakraborty talks about marriage and pay disparity

Kolkata: In Bollywood, several leading actresses have voiced their displeasure towards the gender-based pay gap, but back home in the Bengali film industry, this topic has always been avoided. However, on International Women’s Day, Tollywood actress and TMC MP Mimi Chakraborty took to social media to talk about the elephant in the room — pay disparity in the Bengali film industry and why successful Indian women is always pressurized to get married?

Despite her successful career, Mimi shared she is often questioned by the society on her marriage. Just like a girl-next-door gets all kinds of unsolicited advice on marriage, similarly Mimi gets bombarded with intrusive questions why isn’t she getting married.

“Mimi, why are you not getting marriage? Apart from whatever I have achieved in life, that matters nothing but it’s just marriage or having a kid,” said the Bojhena Se Bojhena actress.

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In a video message, Mimi also highlighted how women face discrimination in the society which often questions their choices and actions.

“For me, everyday is a Women’s Day because our very existence in this world is from the womb of a woman but we are still fighting our own battles,” she said.

The actress also highlighted the discriminations faced by single women who face challenges in raising their kids. Women also face obstacles when it comes to working night shifts and then, there is the battle of pay disparity and discrimination on the basis of skin colour.

The actress, who will soon be seen in Arindam Sil’s Khela Jawkhon and Mainak Bhaumik’s Mini (releasing on May 6), said that a woman is identified by the clothes she wears.

Mimi Chakraborty-starrer ‘Mini’ to release on May 6

“With due respect to every institution, let us be, let us decide on what we want to do and stop judging us on what we are wearing, stop giving character certificates to us that if we are wearing a saree, we are a good girl. if we are wearing a short skirt, we are not a good girl. When we practice what we preach, it actually becomes, Happy Women’s Day,” she said.

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