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Mizoram gears up for greater representation in Indian Administrative Services

Sensing a gap in state representation at the Indian Administrative Services, ado-gooder group of Mizoram has launched a society called Mizoram Civil Services Aspirant’s Society (MICSAS), to bring about change.

Founded on August 24 2019, MICSAS aims at spreading awareness about the importance of All India Civil Services and offers comprehensive guidance and counseling to aspirants. Another essential cog of the society is to provide financial assistance to meritorious students lacking financial means.

Mizoram Civil Services Society Committee members

Currently, the society has over 60 members, 20 of whom contribute money every month to keep it operational and meet the goals. Other contributors offer their support yearly or periodically.

Members of the society feel that the negative impact of 1972 UT politics along with continuous corruptive practices in the government and administrative levels have weakened the morale of generations down the line. As a result the Mizo youths of today have lost confidence and ambition to venture out and build careers. Instead they are often seen loitering around in the comfort zones of their homeland.

According to Chairman of the society, Prof. Zaithanzauva, a Professor of Physics and Dean, School of Physical Sciences, Mizoram University after 2015, no one from the state has entered the AIS, which is an alarming reality for the entire Mizo society.

Students are given preparatory exercises which help them to crack the exams.

“As a part of our preparatory exercises to build the capacity of the youth for writing the entrance tests successfully, we organize mock tests on General English, General Studies and GK. In a recent test, held on August 12, we had 25 applicants registered with us. However, due to the restrictions placed under the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, some failed to travel from their villages, while 14 aspirants did make it to the centre to write the test. Post assessment, 10 were selected to be ready for the actual test,” informed the professor.

“The selection process does not just include a written test and interview; we also consider the candidates’ performance at plus two and graduation levels,” he added.

Following the norms established by the Society, the 10 selected candidates will now undergo a two months crash course, during which they will keep writing tests regularly and their performance will be recorded. Following this, top 3 best performing students will be sent to coaching institutes at Delhi.

Source: Mizoram Civil Services Aspirants Society

The 3 selected students will sign a bond of three years during which they will be given full financial support. The bond bars them from appearing for any State Civil Services examinations, which reiterates the society’s prime focus of sending Mizo youths to Indian Administrative Services.

Members of the MCAS.
Source :Mizoram Civil Services Aspirants Society

“Mizo youths must realize the importance of joining IAS. They have to gear up and get out of their comfort zones to compete at the national level,” emphasizes Prof. Zaithanzauva.

All the best guys!

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