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Mizoram government join hands with MADS to incubate local Art &Culture

Art has received more recognition in the last decade among the Mizos. Today, Mizoram has a band of painters, many of whom enjoy national recognition. Recently, the state has produced two Masters in Sculpture, which is a great development for the Mizo cultural repertoire.
But sadly, the artists, in particular, painters of Mizoram have been facing financial strain for a long time.

Exhibition organized by Department of Art and Culture, Mizoram

Against this backdrop are the endeavors taken by societies like “Mizoram Art Development Society (MADS)”, who are creating a positive change and ushering in a new dawn. Established in 2012, MADS has been working endlessly with the Mizoram Information and Public Relations Department to promote Mizo artists of various genre.

The society has members from all districts of the state. Also, Mizos residing in any part of the globe can apply for membership.
The society currently has a strength of 83 members with 22 people waiting for a membership

Members of MADS (Mizoram Art Development Society)

Whenever a member of the society takes part in the national or international exhibition, The society offers financial support and gives cash reimbursement. MADS along with the State Information and Public Relations Department extend financial support to both Solo and Duet exhibitions.

The society organizes over 5 workshops every year, along with exhibitions and competitions.

Recently, they finished their 4 days’ workshop at the Art Novelty Gallery, which is owned by Lalhmingmawii, a renowned Mizo painter.

Aung San Suu Kyi

During the workshop, Lalhmingmawii, who is fondly called Amawii by her friends and family, painted Aung San Suu Kyi, to show her support for freedom and democracy in Myanmar.

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