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Mothers are greatest blessing in life

We have icons that we look up to for motivation but little do we know that the biggest inspiration in our life is often a foot away from us. The mother! In a child’s life mothers play a huge role. As the philologists say, children mimic their mothers when they start learning behavior. One can never stop asking for mothers consent and suggestions. To throw some more light on this, Saheb Chatterjee, an actor of Bengali soap opera and a singer, joins us for a quick interview.

Image 1: Shaheb Chatterjee

“My mom happens to be my best friend in the world,” shared Saheb. To him, his mother is a life line, who never questioned his talent and encouraged him all through his life. “Things that we are not comfortable to talk about with others can be shared only with our mother as she will never use that against us. From my college crush to my daily activities, I share everything with her. Days I don’t do this, I feel a kind of incompleteness,” added Saheb.

The famous phrase ‘mothers means business and fathers mean fun’ is very relevant in Saheb’s life. To him his parents never stopped him from chasing his dreams. He also mentioned how fun it used to be when he would act naughty and hide behind his father’s back. Every mother of every species has the same amount of affection towards their children. “My mother gave me everything that was necessary for me but she never spoiled me, and has always made me do the right thing at the right time, A person becomes what he or she is taught to be by a mother,” informed Saheb.

Image 2: Saheb Chatterjee.

Saheb’s mother has been his support system. “After the death of my father, she is all I got and taking care of her is what I want to do. In life, without support and positive vibe one cannot move forward to reach their goal and mothers give the exact amount of these doses. My mom also taught me the song – ‘purano shei diner kotha’,” Shaheb enthused.

According to Saheb Chateerjee his biggest inspiration is indeed his mother, after the death of his father he saw how single handedly his mother ran the family. “She is fearless and committed to her deeds. Every morning my day starts with a watsApp from her that reads, whatever you do today, do it productively,” disclosed Saheb.

Mothers symbolize strength, power, and love that we all need. To keep on going in the journey of life one should always get inspired by their mothers.

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