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Mumbai artist uses 300 clay pots to save birds in this hot summer!


As the saying goes, ‘You take care of the earth and the earth will take care of you.’ This year, we came across a thoughtful act that does absolute justice to this quote

There are a number of days in a year that we observe to acknowledge how that particular day has made a difference to this world. One day that usually goes unrecognised is World Environment Day.



Cruel summer

During the hot summer months, many birds lose their ability to fly because of dehydration and die. There are many species that either migrate or die because of the soaring temperatures during summer. This is an alarming issue that needs to be addressed by sensitising people.


The philanthropist steps in

One of the most versatile abstract artists of Mumbai, Krupa Shah, has redefined how one can contribute towards nature in quite a simple way, by placing just 300 clay pots to quench the thirst of our feathered friends during the summer sizzle.

These clay pots are filled with water for birds that come in search of a drink and enjoy a splash to cool off. Krupa placed these pots all across South Mumbai, covering such areas as the Hanging Gardens, Chowpatty, Marine Lines, Worli and Haji Ali.



Krupa also took care of the most intricate details. She used clay pots to make sure the water remains cool and harmless for the birds. To add an artistic touch here, Krupa handcrafted and carved some of the pots a month in advance.

She also made sure to coordinate with the local authorities, gardeners and local shopowners by paying them a fee to ensure that the pots were refilled every single day. She also makes it a point to check them periodically.


Krupa, the unsung heroine

  • Krupa Shah, a self-made abstract artist and a philanthropist, has always loved nature
  • She has conducted many such activities towards environmental awareness

 Let us do our bit!

  • Mumbai’s heat is not only terrible for humans, but for birds, too
  • Let us do our bit for the environment and place a bowl of water on our balconies, or on window ledges for our winged friends
  • We must remember that a small and kind gesture can save the life of a lovely bird

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