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My advice to budding writers is to not give up at any point: Author Nadeem Ahmed

London-based Nadeem Ahmed started his career as a model, and created a space for himself in the industry, presenting travel films, lifestyle features and documentaries across local, national and international television and radio. In fact, he has worked with BBC Radio Lancashire as a Trainee Producer. He has also worked on documentaries in Dubai and Egypt in which he uncovered the countries’ hidden heritage. Doomed in Dubai is his second book after Strutt to Success.

Doomed in Dubai – the second book of author Nadeem Ahmed

Team Optimist talks to the author. Excerpts:

1) Your recent book Doomed in Dubai is based on true incidents. Is this your autobiography or a common story of dream, despair and reality?

Anwer: My book is based on a situation that I faced without realizing initially. It deals with a major aspect of my life that had a pound effect and acted as the turning point, changing things forever.

2) As an individual you had a roller-coaster ride to success. What do you think is the mantra or formula for success in life?

Answer:  Keep believing in yourself no matter what life throws at you. You are your own success because “What Breaks You makes you”!

3) As an entertainer, broadcaster or a performer you had a fantastic career. How do you want to describe author Nadeem Ahmed, the writer who is always honest with his expressions?

Answer: The author Nadeem Ahmed is far from a conventional author. My inspiration comes from most random things like eating food in a restaurant. I will not be seen hiding in a corner forcing thoughts out of my head. I believe in enjoying every moment of my life because it is too short! I say it how it is and stick to it as then nothing can be convoluted or misinterpreted.

4) As an author or as a reader as well, do you think non-fiction is always a challenging assignment than fiction?

Answer: For me, non-fiction is not challenging at all because in this case, you write about something quite close to your heart. When you write about something as deep as this, words flow at an incredible speed, in fact, at such a pace that it nearly becomes a challenge to keep up with the flow!

However, with fiction one always has to stretch one’s creative thoughts to a notch higher because you are making something from nothing!

Strutt To Success – the first book

5) In India and in various countries, biopics have become very common. Do you think Doomed in Dubai has all the ingredients of becoming such?

Answer: I’m more than confident that Doomed in Dubai has all the ingredients to tickle the taste buds of my readers, owing to the simple and honest storytelling. The reader will be transported on the journey with me and feel my deepest emotions!

6) What is your advice to the budding writers who are keen to have a career in writing?

Answer: My advice to budding writers is to not give up at any point. People are quick to criticize but only you know your full potential. As long as you have confidence in yourself, nothing else matters. Decide what genre you want to tap into and go for it. Firstly, do a basic plan of what you want to write about, followed by basic bullet points that will be covered. Make as many notes as possible and then build a structure with a beginning, middle and a conclusion. Be prepared to sacrifice your social life! It will be so worth it in the end!

Nadeem Ahmed was a popular model in his early days

7) What are your future plans in writing? Are you also planning to write film scripts or screenplays?

Answer: I think variety is the spice of life. I will not restrict myself! I am ready for anything! Bring it on!!! I would love to have input when my book turns into a film in terms of a film script. I’ve a huge passion for travel and cooking. I hope to publish easy-to-follow travel combined with food guides with an enticing feel leaving readers asking for more!

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