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Naina Pachnanda’s Story of balancing multiple roles

“A lawyer by day, a poet by night

Stars in my eyes, dreams that are twice in size

Faith in my heart, so deep that nothing can tear apart”

This is how Naina Pachnanda describes herself. Naina Pachnanda is presently involved in the legal and regulatory aspects of technology commercialization at the Accelerating Growth of New India’s Innovation (AGNIi) , housed at Invest India – the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of India. AGNIi is the National Technology Commercialization Program of the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India.

Naina Pachnanda

She is also the editor of the highly reputed India Law Journal. India Law Journal is a global law journal. It provides a forum for generating a cross current of ideas on emerging topical issues. It finds its place in several law libraries such as the Peace Palace Library at the International Court of Justice and the Indian Society of International Law.  

Besides being a poet, she is a tarot card reader and practices Nichiren Buddhism as well. “There is only one life so you should be able to do everything that makes you happy. I love to balance multiple roles,” she says.

A lawyer by day

Naina’s father who is an IPS officer had practiced as a lawyer in Punjab and Haryana High Court. Her brother, Vikrant Pachnanda is the founder of India Law Journal and an Advocate-on-Record practicing in the Supreme Court. Her conversations at home with her father about the criminal justice system and with her brother about moot courts motivated Naina to take up the legal profession.

Naina Pachnanda with her brother, Vikrant Pachnanda

Naina Pachnanda is an alumna of the National University of Judicial Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata. While at law school, Naina did a series of internships under many leading law firms like Dua Associates, Senior Advocate Mr. Sidharth Luthra and Hon’ble Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw of the Delhi High Court. Working on research papers along with participating in moot courts gave her confidence and enhanced her public speaking abilities as a lawyer. She was also involved in the Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA) project wherein free legal education was provided to underprivileged students. This project was initiated by Late Professor Shamnad Basheer who used to head the IP (Intellectual Property) Rights Chair in NUJS. 

“Through internships, you kind of get an insight into which area of law you would be interested in. However life is a learning process and it is never too late to change your area of interest or your profession,” shares Naina. 

Being a tarot card reader

Naina Pachnanda had always been curious, though not inquisitive and spiritually inclined. She had a keen interest in pursuing either astrology or tarot cards. “ If you ask me a question and I take out a good card it means you are on the right path. However if it is a bad card it signifies that you should amend your path. Hence tarot cards must be looked upon as a means of guidance and not the be all and end all,” she explains the process.

“Tarot can answer every kind of question that a person may have. It can help you achieve the goal that you set for yourself. However nothing is cast in stone. You create your own destiny,” she says. 

Naina Pachnanda is a tarot card reader as well

Practicing Nichiren Buddhism

Naina started practicing Nichiren Buddhism in 2014. Her best friend Ananya introduced her to it. “Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo every day makes me believe that I have the strength to tackle any challenge that comes my way with wisdom, compassion and courage. It makes me realize that there are no foes in life, there are only avenues for you to learn. You create your own happiness and you create your own destiny,” she shares.

A poet at night

Naina Pachnanda had a knack towards poetry from early childhood and two of her books on poetry are slated to come out this year. During the pandemic she has utilized her time in writing some soul stirring verses.  “I create my own luck by chanting Nichiren Buddhism from where I get my strength and my knowledge of life. This helps me to write. I am focused on my office work, on writing my poetry, practicing Buddhism and doing anything where I can create value in society. “ she adds. 

Naina Pachnanda at her leisure

Editor of India Law Journal

Naina Pachnanda is also the editor of the India Law Journal as well. “It has provided me with the opportunities to research on various current issues, to write book reviews for the journal, analyze legal issues and interview legal luminaries,” Naina said.

Naina is an avid reader and loves interacting with people and picking up new skills. She treats challenges as opportunities of growth. Working hard towards fulfilling the dreams, setting targets and at the same time going with the flow and having lots of gratitude is what keeps her going.

Naina Pachnanda’s mantra to life

“Do not compare yourself or your progress to that of others. We all have our own unique mission to fulfil, and we have all taken birth for a specific purpose that only we can individually fulfil. So do not waste your time and energy on others. Focus on yourself, on your dreams and your goals in life,” Naina said which is her mantra to life.

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