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Negotiate your cab fare before booking ride online with inDriver

Kolkata: How about an app where you can negotiate your fare before booking the ride online? inDriver, an international ride-hailing platform, which has its headquarter in California, has started its services in Kolkata.

With zero surge, zero payment for service, inDriver aims to make it a transparent business model for both passengers and drivers. Unlike typical ride-hailing apps, inDriver aims to offer a unique service by allowing passengers and drivers to negotiate the fare of the ride. If the passenger receives multiple offers, they can take their pick based on the driver’s ETA, the price, the vehicle model and the driver’s rating. The driver can also choose a particular order based on the price and distance, the passenger’s rating, the pick-up location and the number of inDriver trips the customer has already taken.

“We are excited to launch inDriver in Kolkata. inDriver is a service that allows drivers and passengers to find each other, and to independently agree on all the terms of each trip. The passenger can use our app to offer their price and get counter-offers direct from nearby drivers. In turn, drivers have the right to decide for themselves which ride requests suit them best, and can suggest their own prices. For example through our app, passengers will pay Rs.140 for travelling from New Market to Alipore and Rs 230/- for travelling from Kyd Street to VIP Bazar” said Pavit Nanda, South Asia PR Manager, inDriver.

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To book a ride, download the app, just enter point A and B in the app, the fare you are willing to pay and choose your driver. It’s simple and fast. inDriver puts the power back in the user’s hand. Passengers can select the most suitable driver based on what is important to them – fare, driver rating, estimated time of arrival. It is the only ride-hailing app in India which allows the passengers to suggest a fare for their selected route. Nearby drivers receive the fare and route information and can either accept the offer or bargain for more money. Passengers then see multiple offers from drivers and can pick the one they want based on things such as fare amount, driver ratings and type of vehicle. On the other hand, the driver has the possibility to choose only the most profitable trips and to make a counter offer to the passenger, something that no other service offers.

“The number of active drivers in the city is growing fast. As of now the number of registered drivers is over 4000. All our driver partners are highly experienced and have completed the full document-verification process. With the launch of inDriver in Kolkata, users can now enjoy higher chances of getting a ride with shorter waiting times, and avoid surged fares during peak periods”, added Nanda.

In the first stage, inDriver is offering Zero Percent Service Fee to Drivers, giving them the possibility to test the benefits of the platform, which has great differentials in comparison with its main competitors.

The drivers can download the application in their phone or call at 01171279985 to register with inDriver.

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