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Netflix launches social media channel celebrating Asian community

Netflix has launched Golden, a new social media channel dedicated to celebrating the pan-Asian diaspora. The streaming giant has also announced certain other projects. The audience will be able to find and follow Golden on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. 

Golden is the latest addition in a long list of social media audience-specific brands. The other brands dedicated to specific audiences include Most, Con Todo, Strong Black Lead, Netflix Is A Joke, Geeked and Netflix Film.

Michelle Lee, vice-president, editorial and publishing for Netflix, told The Hollywood Reporter: “There’s been this awesome flywheel [effect] within entertainment and culture where it’s not just API screenwriters or authors getting something produced [but also] directors of the community hiring actors of the community. We have so many more wonderful, nuanced stories to tell. We know the audience is there, and truly the purpose of Golden is to be that platform to celebrate and champion our community.”

A 95-second video was unveiled to announce Golden. In the video, popular Asian actors talked about the platform and what it stands for. Stars like Frieda Pinto, Richa Moorjani, Tan France, Kane Lim and Kevin Kreider are seen saying: “The Asians are here. This is where we all come together. This is where we push each other, where we learn from each other, but above all, we celebrate each other. Because this space belongs to all of us.” 

Fans can expect new episodes from the social series ‘Spill the Boba Tea,’ a collaboration with Wong Fu Productions, where co-founder Philip Wang will chat with your favourite Netflix stars at his BOPOMOFO cafe while crafting unique boba tea drinks based on the stars’ lives. Then the new episode, featuring Emily in Paris star Ashley Park, has also made its debut on the Golden Instagram channel.

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