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New Hope for Intellectually Disabled Children Of Kerala

Robert Michael Hensel, a ‘Guinness World Record’ holder for the longest non-stop wheelie, wrote one day, ‘I choose not to place “DIS,” in my ability.’ Something similar happened with 30 year old, Raji Radhakrishnan from ThriumalaKunnapuzha, who is intellectually disabled. Not allowing her disability to affect her in any way, she sewed 1000 masks for frontline warriors who are on the streets 24*7, protecting lives non-stop at her home.

Kerala, Health, Social Justice and Women and Child Development Minister, Shri Shailaja’s tweet reads –

“Raji Radhakrishnan, d/o Prabha Unni & Radhakrishnan Unni from Thirumala Kunnappuzha, has overcome the challenges of being a person with disability & is joining the fight against Covid19 in the state.”

Click on the link to read the tweet by the Health Minister :

Motivation always comes from home. Raji’s mother, PrabhaUnni, runs a Non-Government Organization ( NGO ) named Mother Queen Foundation Trust, which provides food packets to differently-abled children and families in the area as well as helping hospitals too at times. Raji’s biggest motivation came from her mother, PrabhaUnni, who taught her how to sew.

The Kerala Health Minister said, “Having learned tailoring from her mother, she has made 1000+ masks at home and given it to the Police and health professionals, free of cost.”

An unprecedented crisis came in the form of coronavirus, against which the whole nation is fighting hand-in-hand while grappling with a lockdown. Prabha is playing a role of a responsible citizen by trying to help the needy through delivering food packets directly to their houses. However, Prabhadroped the food delivery idea for a while and started sewing homemade masks by following the guidelines prescribed by the government. Thiswas supported by Raji afterwards.

Shailaja tweeted, “We appreciate Raji’s effort & encourage people to come forward and help us make masks by following directions of Health Dept.”

Raji never felt comfortable going to her special school, but in those days during her schooling, she also learnt the basics of tailoring. Prabha schooled Raji at home after that, which helped the child to learn drawing, painting, making jewellery and stitch. The maternal love inside Prabha always encouraged Raji to work harder and this led Prabha to put up an exhibition of Raji’s craftwork too.

Masks being prepared during the Covid Crisis

Raji always used to ask for something in return from her mother, for lending a helping hand and in return would ask for something in return. However, this time, Raji did not ask for a penny from her mother to make a mask and unknowingly did something which is helping a large number of people when it is the need of the hour. 

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