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Brilliant Mural Paintings Capture the Heart & Soul of Noida


Established by avid art collector Kiran Nadar in 2010, the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) has been a favourite destination among tourists, visitors and art enthusiasts. The journey of KNMA is indeed an interesting one as it aims to activate visuals, and intellectual dialogue and art appreciation across the country.

In fact, the museum’s exhibitions, publications, educational, and public programmes focus on bridging the gap between art and the public and offer audiences innovative ways to engage with both traditional and contemporary art in South Asia. In other words, the organization’s contribution in developing South Asian arts and culture in India is outstanding. Most recently, KNMA, in a collaboration with Noida Authority, expanded its visual spectacle in Noida as well.


Artwork at the Kalindi Kunj Bridge


Per collaboration, the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and the Noida Authority has offered a unique public art initiative featuring nature-themed murals on the New Kalindi Kunj Bridge and Rajnigandha Chowk. Building on the objective of transforming cityscapes through public art installations, the KNMA-Noida Authority partnership has now expanded its footprint to include these iconic public spaces. Commuters crossing the New Kalandi Kunj Bridge and Rajnigandha Chowk can now enjoy and be rejuvenated by murals featuring nature and birds.



Incidentally, the theme is inspired by the fact that the bridge has the famous Okhla Bird Sanctuary on one side and stretches over the Yamuna. The Bird Sanctuary has more than 300 bird species. The mural is divided into two sections — one side features the sight of dancing birds and the sound of music emanating from a huge gramophone, the other sections displays serene tableaux of the animal kingdom done in traditional Gond art.



Another artwork – bridge


Alok Tandon, Noida Authority Chairperson notes, “The idea behind this public art project is to acquaint citizens of Noida with the rich heritage of Indian art. With all of our public art projects, many in association with KNMA we hope to expose commuters to art in many forms and beautify our city as well. Noida authority is always looking for various ways to improve the city and enhance our infrastructure and facilities”.


The artworks have been praised by the local people


The initiative has received a brilliant response. Kiran Nadar, Founder, and Chairperson, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art said, “In our stressful lives, art can be a soothing influence and a source of inspiration. There isn’t an organic culture in India of visiting museums or art galleries, and most people are often intimidated by modern and contemporary art. KNMA works towards breaking down such barriers so that art is more inclusive and accessible.


Another fantastic artwork


This exciting collaboration with the Noida Authority came together because we are always working towards engaging our audiences in innovative new ways. This is a way for people to interact and experience art every day, and we hope it will foster greater understanding and appreciation, and a new way to engage with India’s rich artistic heritage”.


Artwork – going on


The mural artwork features hummingbirds, hornbills, parrots, wild hens, and peacocks done in bright colours. The mural will delight passengers as their vehicles pass over the bridge. The artwork theme also compliments the vertical garden on a section of the bridge.

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