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“Read Bengali Bookstore” Upholds Bengali Books and the Rich Bengali Culture!

Read Bengali Bookstore upholds the Bengali culture to its fullest.


An ardent Bengali at heart although from an engineering background, Pritam Sengupta has opened a bookstore called  “Read Bengali Bookstore” near Lake Market. And it has been running very successfully since 2015.


The owner of the shop Read Bengali Bookstore, Mr. Pritam Sengupta


What is the speciality of the book shop? Well, this bookstore upholds Bengal’s rich culture through a wide range of Bengali books. But the story does not end there. What makes this store, Read Bengali Bookstore (Parent Company- “Bhasa Venture Pvt Ltd” ) unique — and, so, famous — is that the 1,200-sq.-ft shop not only stocks Bengali books, but also arranges for Bengali lessons and even organizes shows in Bengali for children. the store name is Read Bengali Bookstore


Interesting Bengali sessions being arranged at the Read Bengali store.


They also have a dedicated Facebook page that was created in 2008, called Read Bengali Books, which has over 30,000 followers. The store supplies a multitude of book genres online, too. The brick-and-mortar shop is located near Lake Mall, behind Lake Market, and has a wide collection of books. They  also have 3 franchise shops at Bong Moyera which is running successfully, too. The website is there since 2015 but the bookstore was opened in 2018, and has been immensely successful in popularizing bengali books and the Bengali culture.

When asked about his choice on Bengali books and making them available online, Pritam said, “We want to lay stress on our mother tongue. Many English books can easily be bought on the Net; in contrast, only a few Bengali books are available online. That’s why we’ve stressed Bengali.”


Various stars gather at the store.


Busy readers at the store.


Pritam also feels that his engineering background did not go to waste altogether, because, when he gets orders, he processes everything with precision — right from receiving them, to processing them, accepting payments online till the delivery stage of the books to the customers. So, he utilizes his engineering skills to their fullest!


Certain Doodles and the Bengali Harmonium can be seen at the shop, which are typical of the Bengali Culture.


Pritam’s story is quite unique and inspiring for all Bengali book-lovers!


One can see the huge collection of books at this store.

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