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Now India has a Devotional Social Network — mymandir App


Have you ever given it a thought that technology can help you connect with the Supreme Power? Can your mobile phone help meet your devotional and spiritual needs? Can you imagine that technology would connect you back to your cultural roots? It might sound strange but you too can experience the world of spirituality with just a click and swap.

A Bangalore-based start-up has made it a reality with the mymandir App. Breaking all odds, the app has touched the lives of over 5 million users in India in a very short span and earned a 4.8 star rating on the Google Play Store.




The mymandir app is a social network of temples and devotees. People share their devotional updates in the form of photos and videos, and find updates from the people and temples they follow. In this way, people are able to find daily darshan, positive thoughts, bhajans and aartis from various parts of India. Several spiritual gurus e.g. Devi Chitralekha Ji, Shri Krishnapriyaji Maharaj, Devi Nidhi Neha Saraswatji among others and religious organizations, such as ISKCON and Swaminarayan Sampraday, have their official presence on the mymandir App and use it to connect with their followers.

Further, the app has archives with extensive and diversified religious contents ranging from daily mantras, epics, scriptures, panchang, bhajan, aartis, chalisa, pravachan, information of vrat and festivals, devotional news and events, among others.


Rahul Gupta, CEO of mymandir app


Currently, the app is available in nine Indian languages — Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla and Oriya. Talking about his vision, mymandir’s Founder and CEO, Rahul Gupta says, “Religion and spirituality are the most fundamental tenets of the Indian society. We want to use technology to help people meet their daily religion and spiritual needs.”

He further added, “We believe every temple should have a digital presence and toward that, we have begun a “temple admin program”. Through this program, we want to provide various technical tools and services to temples and religious organisations to connect with their devotees”.

On mymandir’s journey so far, Gupta credits his team noting, “Our team has taken up a massive challenge of getting every temple of India and all related contents online. It has been difficult, but fortunately we have had a great team and our users have supported us a lot”.


Team mymandir app


mymandir has also introduced two services — Kundali and ePuja. Devotees can now get their kundali with detailed analysis generated in the app. With ePuja, they can get puja performed on their behalf in various temples across India. Gupta added, “We’ll continue to create services that help our devotees meet their religious needs and goals”.

mymandir app is available on Google Play Store for download for free. All posts on mymandir are also available on the website .



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