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Now, wearable ‘Stride’ smartwatches from Titan Sonata!

Do you love to own new gadgets, or like to stay updated on technology and health with the latest devices? The new, wearable watch that Titan has launched recently should be perfect for you. It could also be the right surprise gift for that special person in your life.

Sonata, India’s largest-selling watch brand from the house of Titan, forays into the ‘smart wearables’ category with a hybrid smartwatch range, called Stride. Available in two versions, Stride and Stride Pro, the watches come with many smart features that will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle at affordable prices that start at Rs2,995.


Utkarsh Thakur, Marketing Head, Sonata


Stride smartwatches combine smart features with the elegant aesthetics of an analog watch — making it a versatile lifestyle accessory. The range has six variants with smart capabilities of tracking steps, call alerts, finding the phone, activating the camera and so on. All six versions reflect contemporary design sensibilities with clean dials, rich leather and elegant black cases — thereby giving an understated finish to a feature-packed product.

Utkarsh Thakur, marketing head, Sonata, commented on the launch: “With Stride, Sonata builds upon its commitment of delivering tangible and relevant benefits to its customers, while democratising features and styles that are limited to a section of the market. Stride offers a slew of smart features at category-first price points, thereby making smart wearables accessible to everyone.

Stride Pro – Hybrid Smartwatch With Black Dial & Black Leather Strap Pri.


Stride and Stride Pro: Priced between Rs2,995 & Rs3,495

Sonata Stride helps maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping track of your daily activities through the in-built activity tracker. The user can track steps, calories burnt and quality of sleep. In addition, Stride has a sedentary alert feature, which reminds users to move in case there is a lack of activity for a certain period of time.

Stride – Hybrid Smartwatch With White Dial & Tan Leather Strap Price 299


“Today, falling fitness levels are unavoidable owing to sedentary lifestyles. There’s a lot of inertia in starting our fitness journey due to many constraints. The solution — Everyday Fitness, which is to expend energy through such day-to-day activities as walking, cycling, gardening and so on. Stride helps track these everyday activities seamlessly. This trendy smartwatch will help make conscious choices towards a healthy lifestyle,” added Thakur.

The watch is supported by the Sonata Stride Mobile app, which is user-friendly and intuitive in design and compatible with Android Version 5.0 and above; iOS version 11 and above.


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