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Online Education And Artificial Intelligence Could Be The Next Big Thing


In times during the nationwide lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus, there are online classes as it is uncertain when students would go back to schools and colleges. This could just change the way of education in India, with traditional classes where students are present in front of teachers making way for online classes and artificial intelligence(AI) being instrumental in teaching students. The debate will however continue of which is whether the traditional method or learning is better or not, but there is no denying that online education and AI are here to stay.

Educlears Learning Services :

Educlears was founded 12 years back, with an aim to diagnose problems related to education of children, especially in the conventional teaching manner which prompted Educlears to devise an AI system to help students overcome their problems in education.
What Educlears was looking to do is bridge the gap in the conventional type of education and newer methods of teaching. The conventional method was focused on general learning and imparting education to the masses. Where this method of teaching missed out, was in individual assistance and individual remedial classes, where each student’s weak points are identified and they work on that.

Through AI, Educlears looks to focus on individual assessment for individual students, thus not just working on a general level, but on an individual level also. This helps in enhancing and boosting the confidence amongst all categories of students. The best advantage of Educlears is that, unlike any other app it does not require hi fi gadgets to operate. Just a device which can be connected to the computer will be enough to operate it and utilize the service. This is a seamless way of learning created for the students.

What Makes Online Education A Viable Option :

Firstly, online education is more unconventional in nature as classes are held virtually. However the mode of learning stressed upon is a general method of learning. There is no remedial learning or doubt clearing sessions which is a big drawback for students going online. Hence Educlears attempts to focus on remedial classes and the emphasis is on class 11 and 12 students who are preparing for their medical examinations and engineering. Remedial classes are most important in these cases, where students can brush up their skills.
Educlears also uses the Iteration technology, which allows students to revise their old syllabus and prevents them from forgetting what their learnt. AI prepares levels of questions, which will not only focus on the current ongoing syllabus but also on past lessons as well. This would otherwise not possible through conventional learning.

Effectiveness of AI in education:

There is no substitute for human interaction when it comes to learning and imparting education. The main focus in a conventional education system is to complete the syllabus on time, impart and educate students on as many topics as possible. This is good because there is no better way to do this than mass learning. But what they miss out on is individual importance and guidance from time to time. Educlears believes technology backed with AI is the best way to augment the mode of education which will change the way of learning and remedial classes for the students, says Mr Nirmalya Gupta, Marketing Manager at Educlears Learning Services.

Nirmalya Gupta, Marketing Manager, Educlears Learning Services

Several other online systems can assure animated learning in an interesting way for students and give students several choices, which confuse students on what to choose and what to leave out. The AI system of Educlears has a separate segregation system, through which it identifies what is most suitable for the students and arranges the course of learning in that manner which will prove to be most beneficial for the students. Where Educlears also scores points is the guarantee on clarity of education, which most online classes or physical classes fail to deliver at some point.

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