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Online portal for the right solution to all health issues

Founded in 2017, HealthSoul has made phenomenal advancements in helping people make smart choices in finding the perfect solution to health issues. Dr Ish Singla, founder of the company, spoke to Team Optimist about how it started, its expansion plans and many other things in between.

Team Optimist: Please share with us the story behind  HealthSoul…  

Dr Ish Singla: It all happened in 2016, when my wife, and now partner of the company, Deepali, was pregnant with our twin boys. It was a high-risk pregnancy, and so, we looked for reviews from doctors and hospitals online, but found very little information. Although our kids stayed in neonatal ICU at St John’s Hospital for two months and have now grown up to be two cute little gentlemen, the idea of starting an online healthcare review portal to help people stayed with us. So, in July the same year, we developed the platform and started working towards it. And, with little ups and downs, HealthSoul became functional in 2017 and, since then, it’s been helping people find suitable healthcare services.

Team Optimist: So, how does it help people in terms of healthcare?          

Dr Ish Singla: It’s an online platform, where users and healthcare providers can find a comprehensive directory of hospitals, doctors, health insurance and travel health insurance companies in India and the US. We have a team of medical professionals, engineers and like-minded healthcare consumers to help our users find the healthcare facilities that they seek. And we’re putting in every effort to bring out unbiased testimonials and reviews to cater to all healthcare-related challenges, issues, or enquiries.

Team Optimist: Do you think you’re succeeding in your endeavour?

Dr Ish Singla: With a strong user base in the US and India, especially Illinois, Delhi and Punjab, I can’t say that we haven’t succeeded. But it’s just the beginning and we have a long way to go.

Team Optimist: What are your future plans?

Dr Ish Singla: We’re planning to take our platform to different corners of the world, making HealthSoul synonymous with ‘Online Healthcare Services’. However, that would take time. At present, we’re planning to cover Delhi and Punjab by end-2019 and, eventually, take it to other parts of the country.

Team Optimist: What is the future of online healthcare service providers?

Dr Ish Singla: It’s booming, and it’s here to stay. Today, we may leave our homes without our wallets, but never without the phone. If we look at the stats, it’s evident that more than half the population consult the Internet before taking any decision. And almost 75% of users look for online reviews to find a doctor of their choice. With such impressive figures, it’s quite clear that the online healthcare industry will scale newer heights. Being a part of the industry, I just hope to make a healthy contribution.

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