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Online shopping guide Khojdeal all set to curve a niche

Adding value to the user’s shopping experience in ways beyond what a coupon website usually does, Khojdeal is here to become a one-stop destination for consumers to stay updated not just about the active deals or cash-back but also as an informative portal that acts as an online shopping guide. In light of the ongoing pandemic and a massive global shift in the e-commerce solutions to bridge the gap in our needs, Khojdeal is operating across India as the leading deal discovery platform. Speaking about the changing landscape of affiliate marketing and digital hangover, founder of Khojdeal, Vaibhav Lall shares his journey and his take on the emerging trends in e-commerce.

The vibrant Website of Khojdeal, designed for user-friendly access.

The ideation

E-commerce sites and online shopping have given customers a free-hand on global products and at the same time it’s an exhausting process for middle-aged and senior citizens. A guide with cash back offers and discount coupons is all they need. “An engineer by education and an entrepreneur by choice, Lall acquired experience in working with corporate giants like Mindtree and Cognizant as a Digital Marketing Consultant. From consulting Fortune 500 companies on digital transformation to launching a startup, he deployed astute digital strategies that impact an organization’s growth in various stages. “Being a keen follower of the works of Simon Sinek, Subroto Bagchi and Ben Horowitz, I have always tried to imbibe the learning both in my professional as well as personal life. By 2014, online shopping was gaining traction among the millennial. The urban nexus of e-commerce was in full swing and it was gradually spreading to Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities as well. Propelled by increasing internet penetration and smartphone usage, the Indian e-commerce market would touch $200-billion GMV by 2025. We realized that as more consumers get online, they would look for guidance and deals around various online stores. This motivated us to start building Khojdeal, a deal discovery platform. The beta-version of it was launched in 2015 and in March 2016 it went live for the world.”

Lall considers a company/startup to be an expression of the personality, beliefs and strategy of the core members; hence no two startups can be the same. “The journey at Khojdeal is more about exploring the inner self and showcase what really goes into building and growing a startup in India. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is what is needed to push this country forward towards the aspiration of being an Atmanirbhar nation. Khojdeal wants to promote a culture of growth and leadership in the Indian Startup Ecosystem,” he notified.

Well-elaborated Cash-Back details provided to earn it easily.

Global pandemic and Atmanirbhar Bharat

The changing scenario of online shopping in a Post- Covid world and mitigating fraud in e-commerce is an immensely tedious job. The sudden outbreak of the pandemic has accelerated the rate of online shopping to almost double. Battling with the pandemic, our PM has also launched ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiatives that will help the downward curve of the economy. Sharing his point of view on this Lall says, “In tune with the Vocal for Local and Atma Nirbhar Bharat initiative, a spectrum of local vendors and brands are offered visibility on Khojdeal. We provide a platform for local merchants and retailers to showcase discounts on their products and share their stories with our audience. I also consult some local brands in my personal capacity to help them leverage the power of digital. Khojdeal focuses on delivering more value to customers through technology innovation in the online shopping space and wants to offer Indian customers a go-to portal for the best deals and coupons online.”

With an amalgamation of AI automation, customer service, and inbound content marketing strategy, Khojdeal is setting higher scopes in the growing online shopping space and trying to curve a niche.

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