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Organic Food Business to Grow and Flourish says Harsh Agarwal of Greenland Agro-products

Organic food is fast becoming the elixir of health for humans. Grown without chemicals, organic food helps boosts immunity against host of diseases, a critical requirement during this ongoing pandemic.

Venturing deeper into the organic farming and packaging of food items, The Optimist News, interviewed Harsh Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Greenland Agro-products.

Harsh Agarwal of Greenland Agro Foods Pvt Ltd.

Q. Before digging deeper into organic food items and its importance, share something about your journey as an entrepreneur in this space.

I started with a tea-packaging start-up, but had to shut down during the lockdown. After a three-month research and studying the patterns of food consumption of people in India, on July 2020, we came up with Greenland Agro- products- a healthy snacking start-up.

Greenland Premium quality Green Tea

Q. Tell us something more about Greenland Agro-products

We have a variety of products, mainly focusing on retail and general trade, which help us to earn a good amount of revenue. In healthy snacking, we have roasted makhana, and different varieties of ragi and oats chips. We use staple whole grains to make chips, whose awareness is still lacking in the country.

Whole grains used for making chips at Greenland Agro Foods Pvt Ltd.

Q. Is there a surge in the demand for organic food items? If yes why?

The primary contributor to this sudden surge in the demand of organic food products is the lockdown during pandemic. Secondly, even though organic food items are a bit expensive, people now embrace it after witnessing the toll on the health caused by consumption of high-calorie snacks. Thirdly, when we consume organic foods like those made by Green land Agro-products, the dietary fiber present in them takes time to get digested, which actually help in avoiding frequent munching, a growing habit among urban populace. Moreover, it also helps in weight loss.

Q. What according to you is the USP of Greenland Agro Products?

 The USP of Greenland Agro-products is firstly in its packaging, and secondly in the look and feel of the products. However, no less important is our endeavor to research and identify different varieties of snacks and chips from different parts of the country and create awareness among the general consumers of the country.

Wide range of products from Greenland Agro Foods Pvt Ltd.

Q. Suggest and specify some of the items of Greenland Agro-products, which you think are preferred by consumers?

According to me, If I have to suggest and specify the top three products preferred by consumers will be Peri-Peri Flavored Makhana, Cheese and Herbs Makhana and Cream & Onion Ragi Chips.

Q. How are you looking at the sudden surge in the demand of Organic food products, as an entrepreneur belonging to organic food processing fraternity?

I believe that this sudden surge in the demand of organic food items is absolutely a boon for organic food processing industry. According to the statistics, 50% of Indian people munch thrice a day. So, there is still a long way to go for healthy snacking.

The global pandemic has stirred human lives from the root, making them prioritize health at all cost. Eating healthy being one of the critical cogs of staying healthy, organic food business seems to be well placed in time to grow and flourish.  

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