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Oxyzone, A portable oxygen can provides supplemental oxygen for respiratory support

~This homegrown brand  promotes a healthy lifestyle with its handy oxygen canisters  that contain all-natural oxygen for supplemental use

Living amidst a pandemic has compelled us to protect ourselves from air-borne diseases and pollutants in the air. Oxyzone, a portable oxygen canister that contains all-natural oxygen has been launched in India. Featuring a consumer-friendly mouth mask, Oxyzone enhances metabolic activities and boosts recovery from intense workout sessions and yoga, and can also be used as a first-aid tool.

Driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to natural oxygen, this homegrown brand aims to provide oxygen in its purest form. This innovative and affordable oxygen canister is portable and easy to use. All you need to do is open the cap and attach the mask with the nozzle. Put the mask on your mouth, take 3-4 quick puffs and exhale without holding it.

Since negligence of air quality and breathing polluted air are some of the leading causes of respiratory diseases, Oxyzone spreads awareness about the importance of maintaining oxygen levels, in order to lead a healthy life.

Oxyzone wants people to recognize it as more than just a healthcare product by encouraging them to use it as a household product to revitalize and boost energy levels.

Commenting on the successful launch of the product, the co-founder of Oxyzone, said, “Oxyzone will be the new and healthier way of breathing, we ensure all the safety measures while delivering oxyzone, as we know it is a gift of care may be to someone you love or yourself!”


About Oxyzone:

Oxyzone is an Ahmedabad-based company that brought natural oxygen in Innovative, Intelligent, Portable, and Handy packaging. We are a team of creative, innovative, and experienced enthusiasts. Our leaders have a great track record of sensing market needs and delivering complete customer satisfaction. They have the perfect combination of experience in Business Technicalities and Innovation in this field.

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