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Pet experts proclaim grooming as the new normal

With growing numbers of pets in every household, Indians seem to be welcoming more paw buddies than before. This is the reason the pet industry is seeing unprecedented growth and appears to have immense future potential. Earlier, only a handful of people used to have pet dogs and cats but the times are changing and so are the lifestyle choices. Today people have more disposable income and their attitude towards pets is also changing fast. Research says the pet market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20 percent in terms of food, accessories, grooming as well as healthcare.

Pet grooming salons have become popular nowadays to give a proper grooming to all the pets

The pet grooming space has been witnessing a new high in recent times. This could be because of the wide spread awareness on the issue. Pet experts now claim that if a pet is kept at home, it has to be groomed. This is because un-groomed pets can cause infections making it hazardous for both the pets and their owners. Addressing this issue and catering to the growing demands a host of pet grooming agencies have now come up in different cities of India.

Pet care and pet grooming centres are increasing in numbers and are said grow incredibly by 2022

Talking about the pet care and pet grooming industry, Rajan Sethi , Project Head at Petex India says “ this is definitely a growing industry but it is not yet growing exponentially as it should. The industry still needs to be developed which is going to take a while. Today, the trend has gained popularity because of the influence from countries like Europe, USA, China and others.

Source: Petex India Exhibition gallery

The global exposure is making people aware of the different aspects of pet care and the importance of pet grooming. We hold regular exhibitions and grooming shows at Petex, where we get clients from distant shores. Through long interactions and exchanges the pet lovers and owners share ideas about proper pet care and other relevant information.”  

Janhavi Dhuldhoya who is an International Certified Master Groomer in petcare

Talking about the future of the pet industry Sethi adds “pet care is a big and niche industry and not many people have adequate knowledge about it. Moreover, this sector continues to be highly unorganized. It is time people understand that food, accessories and other pet care items are essential cogs of pet care. Another area of concern is that India is not yet self sufficient in manufacturing these products which makes us dependent on foreign goods in order to meet demands.”

Janhavi Dhuldhoya always had a love towards pet grooming. She is currently managing the Pampered Paws, a pet grooming salon at Mumbai.

Reiterating the importance of pet care and grooming which otherwise can lead to infections, says Janhavi Dhuldhoya ( International Certified Master Groomer ) short for (ICMG) and currently managing Pampered Paws which is a pet grooming salon . “I started grooming dogs in 2007 while I was volunteering for NGOs in UK. Two years later I pursued a course in dog-training which was followed by an advanced training course in dog-grooming. Eventually, I launched Pampered Paws, a 360 degree grooming salon for pets. I strongly feel that regular grooming sessions have now become an intrinsic part of pet care, and are fast becoming popular among pet lovers. The vets are there to do their job, but groomers do play a quintessential role which makes a big difference to the experience of having pets.”

Pet grooming is extremely essential for every pet to stay healthy and safe

“The ongoing Covid19 crisis has affected the scenario and the industry to some extent but we at Pampered Paws strictly maintain all the safety and hygiene measures to ensure best possible care to the pets. The groomers washtheir hands diligently, wear masks all time and thoroughly sanitize them and the rooms. 

Even during Covid Crisis , they are ensuring that safety measures are being taken and the dogs are getting their necessary care.

The owners are directed to hand over their pets and leave as they are not allowed inside the premises of the salon. We keep reiterating the importance of keeping infections and germs away from pets which in turn makes grooming mandatory for every pet,” added Janhavi Dhuldhoya.

The pet industry has evolved a lot and research says by 2022, the industry will prosper at a higher rate. Pet care is important, and now with pet grooming gradually gaining momentum, the pet industry surely has a long way to go.

Seems it’s time to fluff up your furry balls!  

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