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Phixman’s fixation: To be Repairman No.1

Phixman specializes in services without loopholes. With its massive investment in engineers, equipment and procedures, it plans provide its customers with the best experience and offer exceptional services nationwide. Phixman offers repairs and services for smartphones, tablets and laptops of all major brands, including Apple and Samsung. Team Optimist spoke with Shaad Rahman, Co-Founder & CEO, Phixman Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Excerpts…


Team Optimist: What was the concept behind Phixman? Did you have any experience in this segment?

Shaad Rahman: The concept of Phixman was born from my personal experience and an approach to solving bigger problems of this industry with the latest technologies available worldwide. Since people today have become dependent upon such gadgets as laptop and mobile phones, all their data is stored in them and we make sure this data is secure and in safe hands.


Shaad Rahman, Co-Founder & CEO, Phixman Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Team Optimist: In this digital era, repairing electronic gadgets is a major issue. How do you deal with all the queries you face?

Shaad Rahman: That’s true! But, in the services sector, we aim at providing the best manpower and services to customers. It requires a lot of technical knowledge of this business to deal with each query, so we hired the best repairmen (engineers) and overcame all the loopholes to establish this business.

At Phixman, we take care of every smartphone and laptop brand that’s available in the Indian market right now, with rates and quality second to none.

We believe facing challenges is the key to success. At the start of a business, one has to face such challenges as funding, hiring technicians, competing and providing the best services. We, too, faced these challenges initially, but, because of our commitment and focus, we managed to overcome them.

Leadership Team- Phixman


Team Optimist: Generating revenue is the key for any start-up. How did Phixman strategize on this?

Shaad Rahman: It’s been a great journey that started in Indore with a single outlet. Then, we grew steadily nationally with over 50 exclusive stores pan-India. Till date, our turnover has grown to Rs10 crore and, with new expansion approaches both nationally and internationally, we’ll grow almost five times in the coming FY. Our revenue model works on services to customers on their online and offline bookings. Phixman has exclusive stores offering premium electronic accessories and after-sales service for such electronic items as smartphones, laptops, computers and gaming consoles. We also offer a much better price than any other service centre — almost 25% lower than our competitors for every gadget available in the Indian market.


Team Optimist: And the feedback from pan-India stores…?

Shaad Rahman: So far, the responses have been good — in fact, far surpassing our expectations. Consequently, we opened over 50 stores pan-India and are still growing. I believe technology is an integral part of our lives and every person needs gadget repairs. So, this market holds great potential for us. We’re currently in the process of opening stores internationally, too.



Team Optimist: It’s said that repairing electronic gadgets can never be 100% perfect. Is that true? Do sales of second-hand electronic gadgets have a healthy market in India?

Shaad Rahman: Phixman uses the best technicians and software experts to repair gadgets to make them perfect. We believe that people who buy used phones instead of new ones see value for money in the deals. And an organized dealer can certify the quality of the second-hand gadget.

The pre-owned gadget market has continued to grow over the past year and is now larger than the new gadgets market. In fact, some people replace their gadgets with pre-owned ones instead of buying a new gadget.


Team Optimist: As a technology entrepreneur, how do you define sustainability for a start-up?

 Shaad Rahman: Whenever we start a business we face lot of challenges as I’ve mentioned earlier. The key to success is ongoing changes instead of any drastic policy overhauls. We’ve started with small commitments that’ll encourage a more eco-focused work culture.



Team Optimist: What are your plans about Phixman? What additions do you want to make along with the existing features?

Shaad Rahman: Recently, we collaborated with Detel and its new brand, Pre– Loved Device, where we’ll be selling refurbished phones with a six-month warranty and that, too, at a very low cost.

Our future plan is to grow and mark our presence worldwide and earn a goodwill in the market. We want Phixman to set a benchmark in the repairing industry — be the most sought-after company — nationally and internationally. For this, we plan to launch 500 stores worldwide soon.

We’re working to create awareness in India and abroad among electronics brands working hard on after-sales services to achieve customer loyalty. For all these brands, Phixman is a complete, end-to-end solution, ever ready with its service and retail channels.

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