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‘Pikk a Book Library’ – changing the reading mindset among children in Gurgaon


Rapid digitization has changed the reading habit of most people. Even younger people remain glued to their smartphone throughout the day. In fact, the whole nature of books has witnessed a gradual transformation. Even the kids in schools have become accustomed to smart classrooms and e-books. Teachers and Counsellors all over the world have expressed their concern over the poor reading habit of the millennial. In such a scenario, Suman Batra has launched ‘Pikk a Book Library’, the first dedicated physical library in Gurgaon.


Toddlers enjoying their time with books


Gurgaon is an important point in India’s digital India. In fact, it has become a tech hub where professionals from all parts of the country come to work in different MNCs. With ‘Pikk a Book Library’, people of all ages can come and read. Already it has become a popular one among the local children. Located near Harish Bakery, Sector – 56 Market, the Aim of ‘Pikk a Book Library’ is to see more and more people reading, encourage non-readers/ reluctant readers to start with something easy and get them into the habit of holding a book to read for at least half an hour a day.

There is no denying the fact that reading helps people in changing perception with a logical approach; it helps in exploring different worlds, different minds, societies, and communities. Many parents and guardians of the children have thanked for this effort stressing on the power of public libraries in transforming lives and helping kids to reach their potential.


Community service within the library premises


Credit goes to Suman Batra for initiating such an idea! She remarked,” Our library has books for all age groups, starting from the board books for toddlers, picture books for younger ones, junior fiction for children below 11 yrs., teen fiction for children between 12-17 yrs., junior and teen nonfiction (fact books to books for supporting their school curriculum), Self-help and Adult fiction for adults.  At our library, we have tried to cater to every reader in the community, irrespective of their age but keeping in mind their taste.  We have a huge collection of books from international authors as well as publishers.  Whether your children just love to listen to stories, watch them or just want to browse through a variety of books -we have resources and staff to cater to your needs & interests. We also have educational puzzles and manipulatives to keep your children engaged in a creative way.”


Story telling sessions in the library


The good thing about ‘Pikk a Book Library’ is its community-building approach. The library which is open on 7 days a week, also organizes author interaction sessions by inviting upcoming as well as established authors for a Book Talk. With a subscription-based revenue model, the library also donates books to various NGOs and also invites underprivileged kids for story sessions. The library also hosts book launch sessions and runs book clubs as well.  No doubt, Sumana Batra and her team deserve applause for such an honest initiative in true nation-building spirit.

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