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Powai based NGO celebrates STEM month amidst various activities

VIDYA Mumbai is an NGO based out of Powai. It works to educate, empower and transform students from less privileged societies. Beyond School organises STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Throughout the STEAM month, students made presentations,researched and discussed on topics every week.

Each week was dedicated towards one subtopic. The objective of STEAM is to introduce students to day to day happenings in science and technology, engage them in engineering and arts and provide exposure. Pur children come to us with a lot of hope and we value each individual coming to VIDYA. We organised Art competition for them. They displayed their artistic skills.

The trainers and moderators valued and appreciated their artwork on the day of the exhibition by displaying all across the hall. Each child was amazed to see their painting displayed in the exhibition.On the finale day, students displayed DIY material for sale which was to develop entrepreneurial skills in them. The overall sales as a team was impressive and the students were motivated.

The main focus was the models based on Science, Arts and Math. Students made working models like probability, art with thread, rhyming words, green building and others. Overall there was a footfall of 450 students and 60 guests for the exhibition.

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