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Priyanjali Dhoot Malpani’s Clique Club aims to create community that will last a lifetime

The Clique Club is an exclusive invite-only social networking club where young minds are encouraged to engage effectively through unique and interesting monthly events. On this free-space social media platform, entrepreneurs are advocated network with people of similar wavelengths and take back an experience of a lifetime. The events bring a unique work-play interaction, where people can unwind and also build up contacts. Team Optimist spoke to Priyanjali Dhoot Malpani, Founder-CEO, on this unique venture. Excerpts


Team Optimist: How was The Clique Club born? How’s it any different from other popular social media networks?

Priyanjali Malpani: While I was studying at the University of Warwick, UK, I realized that there were quite a few societies where people could meet others with similar interests and have fun and interesting activities, along with networking. When I came back to Mumbai after finishing my studies, I realized that people here get stuck within their own social networks which they have created through childhood friends or high school friends. So, I thought, why not create something for young entrepreneurs, catering to young minds where they come together and experience something different along with networking, which, in return, helps grow their business?

Priyanjali Dhoot Malpani, Founder-CEO, The Clique Club


Team Optimist: Are there limitations in working with social networking? Is lead generation a challenge?

Priyanjali Malpani: To be honest, the concept is fresh, unique and different. People are very used to the traditional setting of networking clubs, but here, at Clique, our vision is to give people an experience, along with promoting collaborations over competitions. It’s a space that will help entrepreneurs build meaningful connections and increase their social capital. So, the message is that it takes a little time as we’re new, but, because of our strong and meticulous filtering process, we have to be niche and all the leads we generate may not convert into members.


Team Optimist: Your experience with this initiative… are you planning theme-based events with specific agendas?

Priyanjali Malpani: We launched The Clique Club on July 30 at Radio Bar, where we received an overwhelming response from friends, bloggers and celebrities. Our first event was specially curated for bloggers and members, where the conversation revolved round social media in today’s time and age, hosted by celebrity emcee Gunjan Utreja.

A few of our events will be theme-based, skill-based and current affairs-based. We won’t let our members get used to a certain kind of event or activity. Each month, there’ll be a unique take away, where our members will learn something new, or explore something they haven’t experienced before. My business partner, Meghaa Isrrani, with over seven years of experience in Wedding Photography, will keep us updated with new ideas and experiences.



Team Optimist: What are the challenges for entrepreneurs in India? Do you think being a woman entrepreneur is different?

Priyanjali Malpani: One of the challenges that entrepreneurs face is putting together the right team, because people always prefer working with bigger brands over start-ups. So, manpower is quite a challenge in India.

In these modern times, I don’t think there’s any difference between women and men entrepreneurs. We’re equally respected, and welcome, in every industry. Women are here to create a difference and, I’m sure, we’re great multi-taskers, too.



Team Optimist: Your plans for The Clique Club?

Priyanjali Malpani: At present, Clique Club is in Mumbai, but our goal is to spread across India by reaching such cities as Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. Besides, we’re also working on a new chapter that will cater to people of age 39 and beyond because we’ve received a lot of interest from them. Surely, we’re planning to start that very soon in Mumbai, too.

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