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Project Uttaran: Protecting Youth

On the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, Bankura Police has launched an innovative career counselling and youth engagement program called the Uttaran spearheaded by the Superintendent of Police Dhritiman Sarkar, IPS. The module of this project is designed to bring the tribal youths of Jangalmahal into the mainstream with the help of proper education and skill training.  

A team of experienced cops will equip the youths of this tribal populated constituency with proper knowledge and skill set so that these youths can compete in any national and state level examination.

The enrollment process in the project Uttaran is free and easy. Young men and women can contact the nearest police station and enlist their names. An extensive training schedule is designed to train young men and women. They have to go through rigorous mental and physical training so that these men and women stay at par with their contenders. 

Execution on ground 

Uttaran project will be active in five police stations of the Jangalmahal region- Sarenga, Ranibandh, Barikul and Simlapal Police Stations.  

Bankura Police has laid a proper plan to enhance the outreach of the project Uttaran.

Every Police station will cover 45-48 Gram Panchayats. Every cluster will be connected with a playground to train the youths of that area. A dedicated team of police personnel will train the candidates in that area.

The Bakura Police will back aspirants with all possible study materials such as newsletters, magazines, blank questions etc. Best from the lots will be trained at the Bankura Police headquarter under better guidance. 

“We aim to provide training for examinations which offer mass employment like the Army, the Paramilitary, the Police and the like,” the SP informed. 

After clearing the Preliminary examination, the candidates would get proper guidance before the written exam. Successful candidates have to appear in the Mock Interview sessions.  

Bridging the gap

“Aspirants know that they will be asked to run as part of their physical or endurance test. However they do not know the time in which they need to complete the race,” Dhritiman Sarkar, the Bankura Police SP highlighted. 

Dhritiman Sarkar IPS, SP Bankura Police

“Youths have the energy, willpower and the desperation needed to crack the exam though they lack proper guidance. We are trying our best to fill that gap. Every recruitment examination has a specific need and characteristic. We intend to highlight these aspects to them and help them streamline their effort in the right direction. Their preparation needs to be exam-oriented,” He added.

Young boys and girls who would like to crack competitive examinations and are interested in avail the benefits of Uttaran can enrol themselves at their local police station. The Uttaran program has got a huge response from the locals of Jangalmahal. The Bankura Police has already received 10,000 forms within the first day itself. “It is a huge responsibility. We would be including everyone in our program and care for each one of them,” the SP assured.

Dhritiman Sarkar is a 2014 batch IPS officer who had aced the UPSC examination in his first attempt. “Dedication and hard work is the key to emerge successful in any competitive examination,” was his advice to all young aspirants.

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