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Reforming the e-learning space of India

The education sector is one amongst many other sectors to have been transformed due to the pandemic. Physical classes being unsafe, all schools and institutes have resolved to alternate means of imparting education. Nonetheless, this new normal way of education and studying surely invites challenges not just for the students but for the teachers as well. Not everybody from the teacher and student fraternity is tech-savvy and this in itself is a roadblock for seamless learning. The schools thus are always on the lookout for solutions which can help them get back to normalcy without sacrificing on the Learning outcomes. Vawsum Schools is doing just that.

Aditya Maheshwari, founder of Vawsum schools

Founded in 2016 by Aditya Maheswari and Gagan Maheshwari, Vawsum aims to make education institutions technologically adept and restore normalcy in education online. Originally from Kolkata, Aditya completed his education from Calcutta Boys School and pursued economics Honors from Presidency College and MBA from FMS, Delhi. He also holds a CFA (USA). “I wanted to come up with a solution which would help make Learning Awesome. In the initial days, we were lucky to receive support from school leaders who understood its importance in the student’s lives; thus, we got a chance to showcase our products to different schools and teachers. It was overwhelming to see the response,” says Aditya.

Today in a competitive market there are thousands of options to choose from. Many are using platforms like White Hat Jr and BYJU who directly cater to the students.  Aditya instead focuses on schools and teachers.

“This is our core policy,” he says and adds, “Teachers can make use of this solution to make assignments, create tasks, teach online, take live attendance and record instant assessments such as quizzes to ensure the responsiveness of the students; followed by consolidated reports. Also, the Vawsum app allows schools to conduct live exams. Once a teacher sets the assignments, the time slot is given. The students will have to open the app at that time and solve it. The one interesting fact of Vawsum is that it has a child friendly interface like social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram etc. This too allows children to enjoy, and at the same time it is educative as well. When the students find it interesting, it is a great thing. It doubles the learning outcomes.”

Currently, over 1000 schools are using Vawsum and have benefitted largely from it. In Kolkata, schools like BDMI (BD Memorial Institute) and Julien Day School have conducted exams through it and are using it regularly to conduct their classes. More than 150,000 students are using this learning program regularly.

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