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Ria’s Diary is the story of this generation : Author Meghana Pawar


Author Meghana Pawar’s Ria’s Diary has been going rounds and in quick time it has become a top favourite among the youth. Ria’s Diary revolves around Ria, a 30 year old who life has been no less than a rollercoaster ride. The journey of Ria is narrated in 26 engaging chapters, beginning right from her childhood.  Ria’s Diary sensitively depicts the mental trauma of a young girl who sees her parents getting divorced and, the immediate second-wedding of her father with a twist! Author Meghana Pawar has delicately handled the father-daughter relationship. We spoke to Author Meghna Pawar. Excerpts:


Meghana Pawar’s Ria’s Diary has already become popular among the youth


1.How did you conceive the whole idea about ‘Ria’s diary’? 

My book Ria’s Diary is inspired by a real story of a friend. She wanted to tell her story and I became the medium. Her life truly has been a rollercoaster ride and I thought it will be inspiring for the readers – young and old alike!

2. Personally, which has been the most favourite portion from Ria’s Diary? 

Well, the ending part, I guess when she finally takes charge of her life and does everything she always wanted to do! Also, the school portions are fun too!

3. As a writer do you think that Indian readers are gradually getting inclined towards the urban set up of content/stories or there is no such divide?                                                                                                                                   

I think it all depends upon the story and how well it is being told. The Indian readers are smart and I love the fact that books and literary pieces of all kinds are getting the love and attention that they deserve, thanks to the social media world and young enthusiasts.


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  1. How do you identify a modern-day Ria? Can she be any teenager or she is an alter ego of a bubbly chirpy girl of a metro city, studying in college? 

Yes, the character ‘Ria’ is supremely relatable. That is what I have been getting in almost all my responses from the readers.

  1. While writing ‘Ria’s Diary’ which character influenced you most? Is Ria a subtle version of you? 

Nope, not at all. I get this a lot. Ria is nothing like me, although a few aspects are common and relatable. But yes, since I wrote it, I imagined certain parts and some aspects of my personality may have come through without my knowing. But, her life story is completely different and I was influenced by it the most.


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  1. What is your next plan? As a writer, do you love fiction or non-fiction?

Honestly, I am into non-fiction more, however, I read a lot of fiction too. Next plan…well Ria’s Diary was completely unplanned and my first story idea is still pending, so, I may choose to take that up! Let’s see. I keep writing on my blog though!

  1. Do you think the reading and writing fraternities of India have witnessed a massive sea change in the last few decades? How do you want to identify yourself in such a scenario?

Yes, there have been massive changes. And I guess, the changes have been for good. Earlier it was supremely difficult for a new writer to break through but thanks to the ease of self-publishing models and social media, everyone gets the opportunity which is great! Of course, the clutter has also increased due to this but I believe everyone gets their value and place sooner or later. One needs to be consistent and be willing to put that effort.

I am happy to have my set of audience and celebrate good stories along with my readers. With Ria’s Diary, I have taken the first step into this big world and it indeed feels surreal to be addressed as an author now. I just want to keep writing good content pieces and books that make readers happy!

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