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Rupali says she feared body-shaming for ‘Anupamaa’

Mumbai: Actor Rupali Ganguly, who has been winning hearts nationwide with her confident performance as a loving wife, daughter-in-law and mother in the highly popular Star Plus TV series Anupamaa, has revealed that she was plagued by self-doubt before signing up for the show. In a recent interview with ETimes, Rupali has spoken about “self-pressure and doubts” before joining the cast of the now-popular Anupamaa.

During the interaction, Rupali disclosed that before she got on board for the show, she was a “little plump” and had told Anupamaa producer Rajan Shahi that since he wanted a “heroine and at this age”, she ought to perhaps lose some weight. Talking about the reason for her self-doubt, Rupali revealed that she had been a housewife for seven years, and was unsure if viewers would accept her.

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“Will I look good on-screen, will I look fat? Especially when you were once known for having a good figure. So to accept yourself onscreen and what people will think of me like why she has put on so much weight, how will I look, will my show be accepted because maybe I will be so bad, will I be able to act well after a seven-year gap, there were so many self-doubts,” she said. However, the producer told her that “he didn’t want a heroine but a mother instead”, the actor added.

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Recalling how Shahi convinced her to play the titular role of Anupamaa, Rupali repeated to ETimes what the producer had told her. “I want a mother and you are perfect for the role because mothers are like this. Mothers don’t get time to hit the gym and have a perfect figure and a flat stomach. Maa maa hoti hai, she will first think about her kids, family, house and later maybe she will think about herself if she gets time,” he had reportedly said.

Anupamaa recently won top honours at the ITA Awards 2022. Sudhanshu Pandey, who plays Vanraj Shah, took home the Best Actor Drama award, while Rupali Ganguly won the Best Actress Popular award. Anupamaa, produced by Shahi Productions Pvt Ltd, won the Best Serial Drama TV, along with the Best Story award (Namita Vartak) and Best Dialogue award (Divy Nidhi Sharma).


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