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Russian airstrike in western Ukraine leaves 35 people dead

Kyiv: Lviv regional Governor Maksym Kozytskyi on Sunday claimed that 35 people were killed and 134 others wounded in the missile strike on a military training base in western Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, we lost more heroes: 35 people died as a result of the shelling of the peacekeeping and security center,” he wrote on his official Facebook page. Kozytskyi said that 134 others with varying injuries are in hospital.

Kozytskyi further said, “It will be recalled that last night the occupiers fired rockets at the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security in the Lviv Region.”

“The air strike was carried out from the Black and Azov Seas. The planes took off at Saratov airport. In total, the occupiers fired more than 30 missiles. The Ukrainian air defence system worked. We shot down some of the missiles in the air.

“At 12:00 (local time) almost all fires on the territory of the International Center were eliminated, explosives technicians and other specialists are inspecting the territory, dismantling most of the blockages.”

Earlier, the official account of the Parliament of Ukraine tweeted, “On the night of March 13, eight Russian missiles fell on the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security in Yavoriv, near Lviv, which is just 25km away from the Polish border.”

The Governor also expressed his condolences to the beavered families and said, “We will not forget any Hero and we will not forgive any occupier!.”

He also appealed to all NATO countries to close the sky over the country.

“I emphasise once again and appeal to all NATO governments: NATO, close the sky over Ukraine! Close the sky over Ukraine or give us military planes!.”

Warning the NATO countries he said, “now that the shelling is approaching the borders of NATO countries, this is the crucial moment!.”

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