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Rustic Art launches India’s only organic wash for edibles

With the launch of Serve Clean, Rustic Art has provided a healthy and safe alternative to washing edibles like fruits and vegetables. The noble Coronavirus has led to pervasive use of soaps, and detergents in washing edibles which get ingested with harmful chemical components leading to diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea, and other issues. To help, Rustic Art, a home-grown organic personal care brand, has launched India’s only powdered fruit and vegetable wash which is 100 percent natural.

Rustic Art, a home-grown organic personal care brand launches their own fruit and vegetable was

Serve Clean, a Soapnut-Tamarind powdered formulation, is certified to get rid of wax, dirt, bacteria and pesticides from vegetables and fruits. The wash includes Colloidal Silver, which has a strong anti-bacterial property that works effectively against all types of fungus, bacteria, and pathogens. The powder consists of Baking Soda which eliminates pesticides and dirt while Sodium Percarbonate retains the nutrients and vitamins in the food and keeps them fresh for a longer period.

Sunita Jaju, Founder, Director, and Chief Formulator at Rustic Art

Sunita Jaju, Founder, Director, and Chief Formulator at Rustic Art (Brand owned by Erina Eco Craft Pvt. Ltd.) briefed on the product –

“Our endeavour has always been to serve consumers with sustainable solutions derived from natural sources. Given the pandemic, consumers are more inclined towards eco-friendly products for safety and hygiene. We curated a 100% organic powdered wash that is free of chemical fragrance, preservative, sulphate, and synthetic colour. Most vegetable and fruit wash in the market need a lot of water to get rid of the residue from the surface. Serve Clean is a highly water-efficient and safe formula which requires very less water to rinse off.”

Serve clean- a unique formula to clean vegetables and edible items in an organic way

The powdered formula water is also recyclable for urban-gardening and other household chores, making it highly eco-friendly.

With the determination to deliver organic wash and help people stay fit and healthy, Rustic Art launched the powdered in the market which is easily available on online shopping sites as well on the website – @ Indian Rupees (INR) 250 for 300 grams

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