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Self taught artist makes art a livelihood for self and others

Painting and sketches have always remained a matter of fascination for both painters and audience. The sheer magic and beauty of canvas and oil paintings and the beauty of pencil sketches continues to have the same attraction. This is why even today we have famous painters showcasing their artistic works in different art galleries and art exhibitions around the town. If we talk of pencil sketches, this genre deserves special mention as it not only requires precision but the painter needs to have a keen eye towards the subject to create the exact replica. This talent requires practice and prolonged learning. 26 year old Kashyap Tandel was happy to discover love for sketching, early in life.

Kashyap Tandel

“Being a college dropout, I had limited opportunities but I was sure about my passion. I discovered my love for sketches after I saw my friend’s father sketching. I believe I had never seen a more realistic sketch than that. This incident kindled the passion and I felt I should try my hands in it. That was the beginning which has taken me this far,” shares Kashyap.

Hailing from a small village of Dungri in Balsar, Gujarat, Kashyap with the help from his father opened a shop which became his place for experimenting with his paintings. He had worked previously at a medical shop and during his spare time painted many sketches. “At a point of time, my friend bought a sketch from me for Rs 500. It was then that I realized I should convert my passion into a profession,” says Kashyap.

He is a self taught artist and hopes to start his Kashyap Art Gallery

The last couple of years have been a roller coaster ride for Kashyap but an interesting journey as well. During the lockdown he has painted more than 70 paintings and sold them for more than Rs 2.5 lakhs.

“As I pursued my passion, I realized a lot of people wanted to learn sketching but due to financial problems could not do so. I decided to conduct workshops where I could train them personally. It really makes me happy that many who attended the workshops are now earning a livelihood through their art. That is an immense satisfaction. Also, during the lockdown I started a digital-course on my website where students can enroll and learn how to sketch like professionals. The course duration is from three to six months and the one time fee is just rupees 3000, which makes it affordable for all. Till now I have 45 students enrolled on the platform from all across India,” informs Kashyap.

Kashyap’s effort in facilitating livelihood through art is indeed noteworthy. “We are trying to revive art so that everyone can learn it anytime, anywhere. Also, the course can benefit elderly people who are unable to go out and learn painting. They can take lessons from the comfort of their homes. I have 60 + videos in my course module that can help people to learn sketches. It is also a good source of earning money and becoming financially independent,” adds Kashyap.

Kashyap is lucky to have supportive parents who stood beside him in his venture which motivated him to move ahead. He is a self taught painter and never received any professional training but wants to create an opportunity for the others to learn art professionally.

“I also intend to open Kashyap Art Gallery next year. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken so much about Atmanirbhar Bharat and mine is a way to make oneself Atmanirbhar. All these high end painters and artists are famous today because they have devoted their time and energy. I believe we too can reach that stage in our life if we devote that same dedication and create high quality art work.

I remember while I drew the painting of JRD Tata, it took me 9 days with 8-9 hours a day effort, to finish the work. I even received a call from their office saying that they would love to see my work. That was the moment of pure joy for me,” enthuses Kashyap.

His customized work

Kashyap’s paintings and sketches are all customized works and are shipped worldwide. He paints at his shop and also at his home. He sums up narrating his journey with The Optimist News by saying, “art makes humans alive”.

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