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She For Change – Building Ecosystem for Young Girls


Gender discrimination has always been a disheartening practise all over the world. Whether it is domestic violence or exploitation at workplace or in some other form — women have always been subject to exploitation and injustice.



In all these years, there have been consistent efforts regarding gender sensitization. In India, various non-profit organisations (NGOs) have been working tirelessly to counter gender disparity. ‘She For Change’ is one such initiative, which has been pivotal in building a dedicated ecosystem for young girls to evolve as leaders. Not only that, ‘She For Change’ is categorically focused on empowering girls with an entrepreneurial mind set and skill-set, through a multi-disciplinary platform. The trained girls are groomed in a way that they can meet, interact and work in challenging situations, and thus, effectively motivate themselves to emerge as amazing women leaders and entrepreneurs.



‘She For Change’ works on two parallels. On one hand, the focus is on community of woman leaders from across various sectors. On the other hand, it is concerned about adolescent girls who can benefit from the experiences and knowledge of women leaders who have navigated through multiple obstacles and successfully established their careers. Currently, She For Change has two projects underway, ‘She Talks’ and ‘Change Meet-ups’. The overall target of these projects is to bridge the gender-leadership gap and work towards achieving gender equality by building knowledge, confidence, resilience and courage among young girls to navigate through not just in their professional endeavours, but also in their personal lives.



The focus of She For Change is commendable indeed, considering the fact that every now and then, young women are being suppressed into roles that prevent them becoming leaders or change makers. Interestingly, She For Change has received fantastic response from rural areas as well. In fact, often it is seen that instances or incidents of violence, sexual assault on women are high in these areas. Whether it is basic education or awareness — She For Change is playing the role of a positive catalyst and one can only hope that in the coming days, it will play a bigger role.

Truly ‘She For Change’ is truly working in true nation building and creating human resources in true sense of the term.


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