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Shubham’s journey of glory and fame continue with ‘Green’ Ganesha

Subham Saha, a 20-year-old student of ITI, is making art pieces from leaves. With his creations, Subham has become a new sensation in art and culture in Tripura. The young artist made a Ganesha image on a leaf on Sunday, just a day ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi.

From Monday, the three-day-long Ganesh Puja began and different clubs and organizations are holding Ganesh Puja in Agartala. For the past few years, Ganesh Puja has become popular in the city and, now, people are worshiping Ganapati in their homes, too.

Subham says he believes that leaves can be used as an art medium. He got the idea from Facebook. He saw some artwork images made from leaves on the social media site and got inspired in making ‘leaf art’.


Subham believes that leaves can be used as an art medium


Subham has designed many images by cutting up leaves. It takes him just 30 minutes to make a marvelous image on a leaf. He makes images of gods and goddesses, or any other forms. This art form does not need too many materials, either. A leaf, a marker, a needle and a blade are enough to make an excellent art piece.

His creations have already earned huge popularity on social media. This form of art is quite popular in Vietnam and Subham has proven that it can be used to make art forms, too.

Subham says that, in January this year, he made an image of Goddess Kali on a leaf after getting inspired by Facebook. After that, he made several images on leaves and they are now gaining popularity on Facebook and other social media sites.

But he is facing some problems, too. He does not know how to preserve these creations. His ‘art on leaves’ becomes dry and is destroyed within a few days although he wants to preserve them for a long time. Moreover, he has a dream — he wants people to know him through his creations.

Subham completed his Madhyamik Examination from Hapania Higher Secondary School and then passed his Higher Secondary Examination from Bordowali Higher Secondary School; now, he is a student of the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) at Sabroom. His father, Swadesh Chandra Saha, and mother, Suchitra Saha, are also delighted about their son’s creations.

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