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Skillyogi: Online classes changing the facade of education

In a world, where students want to learn and teachers want to teach, Amoresh Nath has come forward to bridge the gap between teaching and learning. An engineer and a photographer by heart, Nath’s world has always revolved around the emerging digital world and it’s various perks. Back in the year 2018, he was busy making youtube videos and running his own youtube channel called “Start Up Yogis” where he would advice related to all forms of start-ups and businesses in hindi.

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That is when he realized the potential of video classes and tutorials when he started getting responses from Rajasthan, Amethi and even Bangladesh and Pakistan. Thus germinated the idea of “Skill Yogi”.

“I always thought that there are so many students who want to learn more and gain more knowledge. Some cannot afford it due to monetary issues or for any other reason. At the same time, there are so many teachers who are experienced but are not able to make full use of their potential. Thus we introduced a new portal for them where we can help the students and teachers to connect with each other in an interactive way”. Said Amoresh Nath.

Skillyogi is a one of it’s kind in India, which started off from March 2019, where teachers can take online classes either at their home at their own comfort, or can go to the classroom set ups to impart knowledge.
Skillyogi works on a particular hardware setup which allows teachers to give online classes. Lessons can also be recorded and made available online. Everyone, who wants to teach can register here and since the time it started off, the platform has been able to cater to more than 10,000 students all across the country and even overseas.

“The advantage of Skillyogi is that teachers can make use of light boards and can teach, while the entire team of Skillyogi looks after the video production, from it’s distribution and the monetary part. Students have free access and we have given scope for active learning, where students can directly interact with teachers and can enjoy live online classes, unlike Byju’s or any other education portals which are based on passive learning” Added Nath.

In a digital world, where teachers still prefer to teach in conventional and traditional methods by going to schools in distant locations, Skillyogi has emerged as a new platform to encourage all teachers, tuition teachers and educators who want to impart knowledge, where traveling does not act as a barrier.

Skillyogi also has studio set ups in the form of classrooms with a light board. One such setup is located at Behala. Teachers can either get the hardware installed at their homes and conduct classes via their own computers or can go to their studio setups to conduct the classes.“We want teachers to teach freely and impart as much as knowledge as possible. We want to reach out to more and more students in the days ahead. Our education system is crumbling and if we cannot do our best to save it, we will fail in developing the nation to its fullest. We request all the people who want to teach to come forward and do their part. The rest is on us. We will ensure that the students make the most of these interactive online classes” He says while being optimistic about playing an important role in educating people.

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