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Stranded Indian student refuses to leave Ukraine without pet dog

Mumbai: A stranded Indian student has decided not to leave Ukraine without his pet dog. According to a report in NDTV, Rishabh Kaushik, a third-year engineering student of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics in east Ukraine, has not left Ukraine without his pet dog.

The stranded Indian student also said that neither the Indian embassy in Ukraine nor immigration officials in India have helped him in getting out of the country with his dog.

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In a video, which went viral, Kaushik was heard saying that he has ben trying to get in contact with the Indian embassy since February 18, and had contacted AQCS (Animal Quarantine and Certification Service) in Delhi, and even sent his passport details and that of his dog. He said they “still keep asking for more”.

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“But I just could not get the approvals. I decided then that if my dog can’t leave, I won’t either. I know that there is risk in staying on but I can’t just abandon him. Who will take care of him if I go?” he said.

The stranded Indian student also talked about the situation in Kyiv and said that nothing is functional in the capital right now. “Normal food stores, supply chains are running out of water or food. Nothing is there. People are taking them to the bunkers,” he said.

Kaushik also said like everyone in Kyiv, he was also hiding in a bunker. “I tried to contact Indian Embassy here in Kyiv as well. The only they could actually say was we can’t help with anything, and that I should contact AQCS centre,” he said.

He also said that his pet is stressed with all the bombings in Kyiv. “Even my dog is stressed about all the bombings happening around,” he said and requested the Indian government to help him evacuate his dog as well.

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